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Modern Soul Knitwear

Started 1291070114.353 in Fashion Talk | Last reply 1291157009.747 by Crazy for QVC

Has anyone noticed that Linda Davies is sometimes on the Q with Pat and Jayne. Does anyone know what happened to the Modern Soul line of clothing? I am also wondering what happened to Indigo Moon and the original Citiknits. I haven't come to love the new Effortless Style. I guess it will take time.

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Crazy for ­QVC1291157009.7478652 PostsRegistered 11/3/2007

I think they phased out the Modern Soul line and kind of blended it in with Motto...I guess that is why Amy got the boot from the motto line...The original citiknits is now Effortless Style and Nancy is the rep for that line and Miranda is nowhere to be seen...

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