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Boots for plus size ladies

Started 1288817265.06 in Fashion Talk | Last reply 1288991490.06 by Deebim

Do any of you know a good boot for someone with large calves? I hate to keep ordering boots, and then turning around and sending them back. Help!

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VCamp27481288817338.747846 PostsRegistered 4/20/2006

Try looking at the offerings at Silhouettes www.silhouettes.com

SpaGal1288817836.4933124 PostsRegistered 6/5/2010

DSW has a good selection and some are marked "for wider calves"

Lane Bryant has boots, but they start at a size 8 (I need a 7 so it doesn't work for me)


GettysGirl1288818583.483 PostsRegistered 10/18/2010

Thank you :)

romanO1288819098.5729 PostsRegistered 1/3/2007

Try Woman Within (womanwithin.com). They have a pretty big selection of wide calf boots.

SUZYBOSS1288819806.553140 PostsRegistered 6/9/2005

you can also try "widewidths.com"...semi-decent selection. Good Luck.

StylishLady1288830039.6274337 PostsRegistered 11/25/2009Florida

I know someone that bought a pair of these. They are very nice stylish boots.


twisan1288831310.02500 PostsRegistered 12/27/2006

You may also want to look at Marylandsquare.com.

They have a large selection of shoes and boots for a wider foot. Also, Talbots has a couple of styles in wide width boots.

Good luck,


RockChick1288832619.1539085 PostsRegistered 10/29/2007Central Texas

Lane Bryant and Torrid are my fave 2 places.

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sparklingr­ivers1288833511.4111155 PostsRegistered 1/15/2009

I'll just stick with my ankle boots.

Janelegant1288833974.74892 PostsRegistered 9/2/2007Twinsburg, OH

Lane Bryant has boot styles that are cute and made for plus size women.

Another option is Naturalizer. In the past they have carried boots in wide calf and maybe WW calf. Search for a coupon online to save money. HTH

BurbankKate1288841186.846188 PostsRegistered 11/18/2007Home of: Disney Studios,W. Bros, Nickelodeon, Cartoon network, media capital of the world


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yolis051288848497.16453 PostsRegistered 5/13/2010

Torrid.com....they have alot of boots...with wide sizing so does zappos...piperlime..also..

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deelor1288874326.361191 PostsRegistered 7/4/2007

I have that problem to, but found ones that fit in cloudwalkers at the Avenue (Heaven!)

and also at Silhouettes on line. Really nice large calf boots and very comfortable!

Hope it helps {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

Suzzeee1288919278.3732409 PostsRegistered 6/15/2007West Coast

My favorite is Duo Boots -- www.duoboots.com They are in the UK but the quality is excellent, the styles are amazing and you order by shoe and calf size!! It takes less than a week to get them (I'm on the West Coast) -- I have 4 pairs and love them! The should be having a sale coming up soon too - I hope so - I have my eye on a new pair!!

T Mama1288927627.717112 PostsRegistered 6/9/2009


Deebim1288991490.053139 PostsRegistered 7/31/2007

Zappos.com, Widewidths.com, and Roshommerson.com all have a selection of quality leather boots that come in medium or wide width in different calf sizes. You can either get a stylish high heeled dress bood or a functional low heeled boot.

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