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fat knees and jeans

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I am large, but have big knees and the only kind of jeans that seem to fit are wide-leg jeans. What brand/style number would be good?

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PetDoc1286216663.593167 PostsRegistered 6/21/2008

You might want to try Dockers "Addison" jeans. I wear the Dockers "Addison" khakis to work and they just came out with a trouser jean in the line. Mine were on sale at Kohl's for 34.99.



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ess1286221700.697394 PostsRegistered 8/22/2005

I have the same problem, large knees and not only that but one knee is an inch larger than the other. I'll take a look at those Dockers.

Try Coldwater Creek classic fit jeans as well. The legs run a little wider through the knees and the calf. They have the tummy control panel also.

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joyk1286226829.295 PostsRegistered 10/4/2010

I am 5' 1" 155#. Quacker Factory short DreamJeannes are pretty good, except if you are short waisted like me, they are still too high waisted. I, too, have leg issues, large thighs, swollen knees, large calves. They are "short" not "petite". The legs are pretty good, have good stretch (don't look it) & they are not too wide at the bottom. Otherwise, try QVC's Personify jeans. Because the are made to measure, I have been able to get just the right size. I have bought 6 pairs over the years. They don't show them on air any more, but the still carry them.

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