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Question about Click Free and itunes

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Just got a new computer and used Click Free to transfer files.Everything seeems to have worked fine but my itunes did not transfer properly.None of my playlists are there nor is all of my purchased or downloaded music.Any ideas? TIA

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thalmy1281792845.2372276 PostsRegistered 8/31/2009

I can't speak as an expert and it's been a while since it happened. I transferred files from my clickfree to a computer. Sent them to the iTunes folder. When I opened iTunes. It didn't work.

But, if memory serves. It had to do with that computer not being authorized to view/listen to the transferred files. I think all I had to do was authorize that computer in iTunes. I think I remember either boxes popping up to walk me through it or I sought help from iTunes. It's been quite a while.

I also, had transferred some files to my desktop. Not sure if that was at the same time. When I opened the file, I think I remember clicking on the individual downloads made them work.

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JoLeene1281969900.937234 PostsRegistered 6/13/2006Missouri

Don't know which model of click-free you have but I had success with my click free transfering my music and play lists from my i-pod to my itunes on the computer. When you open the click free check out the tabs and see if one doesn't say something about itunes transfer. Need to have both the ipod and click free plugged in at the same time. Worked for me but the next time I went to do my back up it took forever! Have a lot of music. Hope this helps.

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