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Throw Away Phones?

Started 1281631396.707 in Electronics Talk | Last reply 1282065616.23 by Hysterical

Hubby will be traveling for a few weeks in September. He hates phones so it isn't cost effective for him to sign up for a service plan. Yet he wishes to be able to contact me and to have something in case of emergency.

Is there such a thing as an economical "throw away phone" that's good for a month or so?

Thanks in advance,,,Smile tabby

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EM71281637050.271917 PostsRegistered 12/7/2009

Sure--just get a prepaid phone at Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, or similar store. Usually they come with minutes to start out with, which will probably be enough for a few weeks. You can ditch it after that, or keep adding minutes to keep the phone active--the minutes keep rolling over if you don't use them. There have been threads about prepaid phones, and T-Mobile seems to the most economical. I have AT&T, and I have to add $25 every three months to keep it active.

thalmy1281710361.6672276 PostsRegistered 8/31/2009

I'm with T-Mobile. I bought the phone I want. I paid $100.00 for 1,000 minutes and gold status. Those minutes are good for a full year withouthaving to add minutes before the year.

Then as little as I use it. I only add $10.00 a year to keep it active. The minutes roll over and I get a 15% in bonus minutes because of the gold status. Other than the purchase of the phone. Over a five year period of time. It's cost me a total of $140.00 and I still have over 800 minutes left.

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Tabbycat1281796177.2472849 PostsRegistered 12/2/2007

Okay...thank you. I'll check out TMobile.

I've had a TracFone for 8 years and have always been very happy with it and to make it easy on myself, I buy units only once a year. About 6 mos. ago, I tried to upgrade to a newer phone and have my remaining units transferred off the old onto the new one. What a mess!!! I was never so aggravated. I don't know what has happened to their customer service, but they are so un-organized now and nobody seems to have an answer... switching you from one representative to another .... and they put you on hold for ever. I was on the phone with their CS all total, over 5 hours before I got it straightened out.....and I was out of a phone for 3 days! Ended up just keeping my old phone. Don't really want to do any more business with them than neccessary any more.

If this TMobile is a good one, I just may not renew my units with tracFone and go with TM.

Thanks EM7 and Thalmy Smile

~ At my age ... Less is More~
"Without Failure, We Would Not Recognize Success"

AngelPuppy11281796448.2639157 PostsRegistered 5/26/2008

Yes, a Trac Phone would be a good option. You can get them at Dollar Stores or Target, etc. I think DH and I paid $29 for ours. So, if something happens to it or you want to get rid of it, no big del!

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thalmy1281815051.5732276 PostsRegistered 8/31/2009

Tabby, my phone battery was about useless. They stopped making the phone and the battery. I got a new phone. They took the sim card out and put it in the new one.

All of my minutes and my saved numbers all tranfered to my new phone.

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Hysterical1282065616.21461 PostsRegistered 5/8/2010

You can buy them at Walgreen's too. Walmart, Target. Just about anywhere these days.

Just have to pick the plan, minutes you want.

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