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how to delete kindle book from IPOD Touch?

Started 1277581637.457 in Electronics Talk | Last reply 1277681715.967 by knittykitty

ARHGHG! I seem to be having a techie-challenged week ;-)

Have downloaded the Kindle App on my IPOD touch and computer. When I finish a book, how do I delete it from the IPOD? I tried hooking up IPOD to computer, highlighted the book, right clicked mouse,went to 'file', brought up a drop down menu inc 'delete book from device' but that was not in bold and so it did nothing.

Also, need to delete the book from the computer or I assume it will sync back into IPOD when it's next plugged into the computer. I found no way to delete the book from the computer either.

What am I missing?!?!?!?!?! Thanks for your help!!!!!

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mom11277603517.44762 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I have the IPad so I don't know if it is the same....I had to try a few things but if you touch and hold on the book (don't just tap as that opens the book) little minus signs come up, touch on the sign by the book you want to delete and that gives you a delete button. Hope it is the same with the ipod touch.


Marsha20031277609850.1934871 PostsRegistered 10/31/2007

While you are in the Kindle app on your Touch, go to the home screen where all your books are listed. Home button in the upper left corner. Once there, you will see an Edit button in the upper left corner. Tap it and all of your books will have a minus sign in a red circle to the left of each book. Tap that minus sign for a book that you want to delete.

On the PC app, you can just right-click a book and choose to delete it from your device (the PC).

knittykitty1277651827.4331030 PostsRegistered 4/13/2007Gig Harbor, WA

Mom: partly worked, thank you. let's me archive but not delete.

Marsha: as I said in OP, the 'delete from device' option under file and when highlighting the book, is not active, so nothing happens.

Still stuck trying to get rid of Kindle books from pc and IPOD once finished.

help and thank you.

mocha_java1277656799.5520 PostsRegistered 12/14/2007


You first need to delete the book from your Kindle account ("manage your kindle"). Under your orders are all the books you purchased, click on the + sign and then click on "Delete this title". Once this is done, on your Ipod Touch, follow the directions that Marsha2003 wrote for both the Ipod Touch and the PC. Your Ipod Touch will tell you that the book will be archived, but when you go to archive, your book should not be there. This worked for me, I hope it works for you.

mocha_java1277657843.02320 PostsRegistered 12/14/2007

I forgot to add that you might only want to delete your free books from your Kindle account, because otherwise, you will have to repurchase the book if you want to read it again. Deleting the book permanently from your Kindle account is the only way I know the book can be removed from your Ipod Touch. The books that you do not delete permanently from your Kindle account can be archived. I hope that makes sense.

knittykitty1277663922.5331030 PostsRegistered 4/13/2007Gig Harbor, WA


Thank you; I will try the 'manage acct' step. I use the Sony for most books and was trying out Kindle on the IPOD and only downloaded 4 free books. Would like to know how to delete so I can save the space as I finish books.

So far, the other steps do not work, so maybe this time......I know a lot of people read their books on the IPhones and IPODS, so there's gotta be a way :-)

debcakes1277664260.3132078 PostsRegistered 11/18/2006

How do you like reading a book on the ipod touch? I have thought about getting it but thought maybe the small screen would be a bother. What do you think?

knittykitty1277665138.6571030 PostsRegistered 4/13/2007Gig Harbor, WA

Mocha: thanks! I was able to go into mange and delete. I assume when I next sync the IPOD, the books will go away. Yay!

Deb: reading on the IPOD surprisingly easy; not too small, and can change font size as well as color. I used 'sepia' to try to soften the screen as it not e-ink. I mostly wanted some fluff book I could read if stuck someplace or waiting for someone without having to always cart my Sony e-reader. I could also turn down the brightness to save eyes and battery. Fine for short term, but long term, don't want the back-light.

I do like the Kindle process; very, impressive. I will likely get a Kindle for home reading and take the smaller, more compact Sony 'on the road' with an occassional book on the IPOD.

BTW: one of my downloaded cd's came with a video. I was flabbergasted how wonderful it is on the IPOD. I can now see why people use their IPhones and IPODs for video! I would definitely consider renting a movie from ITunes for a plane ride. HTH

mocha_java1277665589.3620 PostsRegistered 12/14/2007


I also have the Sony for books. I use the Ipod Touch for audiobooks. I get the audiobooks from my library and I have purchased a select few from ITunes. I hope the procedure works for you to delete your books from your Ipod Touch.


I love the Ipod Touch for reading and their are 5 different sizes of font. I use the largest font which is about the size of this font, but I think it might be a a size or 2 larger. The one thing I like about it is that you can use it in the dark for reading, watching movies, etc., unlike the Sony, which requires some form of light in the dark. The IPod Touch is small enough to be taken everywhere (great for the long post office line, doctors appointments, etc.) Their is an update for the software and you can now get an ibooks app. and order books right from your Ipod Touch. The Sony and Ipod Touch both sell gift cards so you never need to use a credit card. I find it very easy for reading. Good luck with your decision.

knittykitty1277673505.3431030 PostsRegistered 4/13/2007Gig Harbor, WA


Well at least if I got audio books I wouldn't get the dreaded 'protected page' message!

I have overdrive set up for the Sony; do I have to do something else for the IPOD in order to get the audio books? You are the first person I know of who's done the audio books as the library ones are WMA (?) and no one could tell me if they'd play on the IPOD.

Download the same way (as in 'open in IPOD')? or first to your computer? To ITunes????

Thanks for this and previous help. And, yes, when I sync'd the IPOD, the archived books went away. Yay!

mocha_java1277677601.70720 PostsRegistered 12/14/2007


I am glad to hear that your archived books went away.

I think if you have already downloaded Overdrive Media Console, you should be set. You need to look for "Ipod compatible books" on the library site to download onto your Ipod Touch and you also want the books in WMA format. If you pick an MP3 book, it will show up in music on Itunes and on your Ipod Touch. I did that once and now I make sure it is WMA format. After you check out, click to download the book. Your Overdrive Media Console should show up and follow the direcctions (that doesn't take long). I always sign out of the library and close everything, then I hook up the Ipod Touch. In Overdrive Media Console, click the "Transfer" button along the top. It will search for a device and once it finds your IPod Touch, follow the directions. It might tell you that you need to change somthing to make the transfer faster. It does take a while to download a book.

I have never downloaded an audiobook onto my Sony because I figured it's much easier to carry around the Ipod Touch and listen to an audiobook.

Now to get the book off of your Ipod Touch, you need to be hooked up to Itunes, find the book and right click on it. It will remove the audiobook from Itunes and from your Ipod Touch. Good luck!

knittykitty1277681715.9671030 PostsRegistered 4/13/2007Gig Harbor, WA


Yes I have Overdrive set up. Your detailed instructions make sense and I think I've got it. Thanks for the reminder re: WMA and MP3's. Will try it next time I'm at the library site.

There is an Overdrive app available, but the reviews are poor, so I will do via the computer.

Ain't technology fun!!!!!! Slow to learn some of these things, but love 'em all.

Thanks for being so helpful and so FAST :-)))

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