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Samsung tablets on QVC

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I had a question pulled off the website a couple of days ago that must of got QVC upset. I was wondering why the price of the tablets on QVC were over $100 higher than on other websites or brick and mortar stores. These were the exact same products as what QVC has on their website. There was no explaination, but it was pulled from the product Q & A portion of the product info. I really thought they were supposed to be more user friendly ( customer ) .

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kcladyz1347767661.0434872 PostsRegistered 4/30/2012

Because they need to make a profit. I bought a toshiba excite tablet LE ( thinner than an ipad btw) on sale for $299 on amazon.com ( and 6 mos financing even!) and on here its over $500. it is a rip off but on the plus side you get the flex pay option which some people need. HSN is the same way. They jack up the price and excuse it with bundling offers with it but its still over priced. Why pay $800 for an ipad with budle you will never use when you can get it from the apple store at $500

I love my Toshiba Excite BTW. better reviews than the samsung and its faster with less lag

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