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Do you have mobile wifi "hotspot" that works well?

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I am thinking about buying one where I can buy a month's service for when I am traveling.

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VolvoGirl1341168766.223617 PostsRegistered 2/11/2009


I just have the 16gb wifi iPad2. We bought a T-Mobile hotspot to connect our laptops and iPad, etc to the internet when we're out of the house and aren't by a public hotspot. The hotspot is great, you can connect 5 things to it at the same time. I just buy the prepaid month and don't have a plan. You can buy the Hotspot with or without a plan. The price of the unit is different depending on if you sign up for a contract. I even used it the other day when my cable tv & internet was down.

T-Mobile Hotspot


mdmc1341240341.5631677 PostsRegistered 10/27/2007West Coast
We have an IPad. My husband connects through his iPhone hot spot. We have AT&T. Works good

quincybird1341241669.3393 PostsRegistered 7/4/2007
I have a mifi hotspot from Verizon and it also connects up to 5 devices and I have had it for almost 2 years and works great. My husband has recently got a job as an over the road trucker and he takes it with him all over the country so he can have access to e-mail, etc. and it works well for him as well.

Brabls1341333270.46714740 PostsRegistered 4/27/2007

Thank you all for your recommendaions. Time to head to Best Buy to look & hopefully buy.

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