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Hi ... forgive me if I am posting this on the wrong forum but yesterday I started to get a pop up box on AOL every time I clicked on a story with a corresponding video.. the pop up box states ... "local storage cfiles.5min.com is requesting permission to store information on your computer" ... at the end it gives the option to allow or not allow. I have been choosing not to allow but, it is starting to get annoying ... does anyone know what this is all about ... thanks.

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knmt1337734394.353783 PostsRegistered 7/13/2010Chicago suburbs

This is probably an Adobe Flash player problem. You can uninstall,then reinstall it and see if it's gone. Or use Google Chrome (flash player is already installed in Chrome). I've attached a link to a long conversation regarding this. Apparently, it's not only you with this problem.


Just scroll down a bit on the linked page. It's long, but the upshot was that it wasn't a virus but apparently a problem with Adobe Flash player. Chrome might be the way to go. Good luck.

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