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AT&T DSL Broadband Link Errors!!!???

Started 1328907410.817 in Electronics Talk | Last reply 1329134823.773 by amyb

Hello...any tech whiz's who can help shed light?

I have AT&T, DSL, Internet connection, Yahoo email page (not sure that's relevent), and a 2Wire Gateway AT&T router, two years old. Just put in new telephone, updated signals...DO have to get new splitter for the newer phone, so not EVERY phone has a DSL filter on it currently, but I've had BBLink error issues for months when I had a filter on every phone. Am getting new filter this wkd.

Called AT&T originally months ago...had me on phone 90min., tried the only troubleshooting they could think of but bottomline at the end of call couldn't tell me what was causing it but didn't think it was related to them. Suggested I ck "security settings" on my (then) Norton security. I didn't know how to do that, never found out. No longer have Norton, use Microsoft Essentials now, I think it's called that. Still don't know if it was security settings or how to ck that anyway.

Someone suggested getting a new router. If that's the case (and do you think it is?) any suggestions on a better one?!

Tks in advance...any good advice or direction as to what to change or check next is much appreciated!

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dooBdoo1329010980.51314436 PostsRegistered 6/27/2010Beautiful Southeast USA

This is being discussed on another thread:

DSL lost connections..does anybody know..

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amyb1329134823.7731695 PostsRegistered 9/23/2007
On 2/11/2012 dooBdoo said:

This is being discussed on another thread:

DSL lost connections..does anybody know..

Thanks guys...I actually reposted that other thread when this one got no answers (time of day and not many posters on, I think this one got missed)....lots of good advice on my other thread; thanks all who posted!

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