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Backup Duty Light

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Suddenly, I have this on my computer. I do run up-to-date Norton, so don't know where it came from. It asks me to back up my computer periodically, and does give the option of uninstalling it (gave me instructions to use All programs/uninstall) but I am afraid to do it. Is it a legit program? I run windows 7, if that matters. Thanks, in advance.


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nutmeg31326942498.1575552 PostsRegistered 6/18/2007NJ

I use Norton 360. It has a data backup feature. You want to disable this not uninstall. This is a link to put this feature to sleep. http://www.ehow.com/how_6961024_disable-backup-norton-360.html

I hope you are saving photos, data files, IE favorites etc,etc. You may have to restore Windows at some point. Most ISP's give us a little storage with service. Amazon gives 5GB of cloud service free. I use Carbonite.

glb6131326973399.10311650 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Don't use Norton's backup utility. If you want an automatic backup, look into Carbonite. The problem with backup like Norton, you need the progam installed to restore the backup. That's fine until you get a new computer that's not compatible with the version of Norton used to create the file. This is true with most, if not all, backup programs. You also can't locate individual files. If you restore, it restores the entire backup file.

The easiest way to make copies of your important data(documents, photos, music) is to use Windows Explorer and an external hard drive. You connect the external drive, open Windows Explorer and drag the folders from your hard drive to the external drive. You can also use Synctoy(my preference) and create matching folders on each drive. When you run Synctoy, it give you the option of syncing all folder pairs or just the ones selected. Any new files are copied to the matching folder so they both contain the same files.

The third option is to make CDs/DVDs using your burning software. I also have important files saved this way. You open the program, select create a data CD or DVD and add the folders you want.

Bottom line is, you need at least 2 copies of anything important. Every method for making copies has the potential to fail. Having a single copy, no matter where, is asking for the data to be lost.

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