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Looking for help+++Smartphone email problem

Started 1323654777.86 in Electronics Talk | Last reply 1323659451.48 by dooBdoo

I have a new 4g smartphone and I use Yahoo email.

For the last few months all has been well. The last couple days I noticed a strange problem- after I open an email I can view it for about 10 sec then the contents are GONE.

The header, etc is still there and I can view the message on my computer just not on my phone. I am dreading going back to the Verizon store {#emotions_dlg.mad}

Any thoughts!??


Wishing you health and happiness.

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dooBdoo1323659451.4819771 PostsRegistered 6/27/2010Beautiful Southeast USA

I don't have a Verizon phone... but, on some phones if you'll go into your settings, delete the mail account completely, reboot your phone, and then add your mail account in your settings again, it fixes random 'bugs.' (You don't actually lose any data, since your mail is not resident on the phone.) Have you tried anything like that?

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