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Laptops with 6 Easy Pay's??

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Hello ALL,

I was getting ready to buy an HP Laptop, but the 6 Easy Pay Special expired yesterday. So my question (Since I am new to the Q) is this:

** How often does the Q offer Laptop specials with 6 Easy Pays? I know in Sept, HP had a lot of Computer Workshops and when they started, ALL of the HP computers went into 6 Easy Pay's. Looking at the upcoming Program Guide, I noticed that Dell is starting their Computer Workshop for the month of Oct on the 2nd. What is the likely hood that their Laptops will hit 6 Easy Pays?

I guess I am asking this of the members who have been such for awhile, since these questions are rather "Historical" tracking in nature. Meaning I'm hoping for a repeat from past sales...... Thanks for the help! {#emotions_dlg.thumbup}


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Pinkroses1317075412.7031394 PostsRegistered 12/9/2007

They usually have 6 easy pays on computers frequently. A lot of people on the Electronics board would recommend that you get your computer somewhere else, but I have had good luck with the computers I bought from the Q.

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