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Vipre Antivirus/malware

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Hello. I know many readers don't like paying for these programs. After reading a lot about it I decided I wanted it. So I bought and installed on the laptop with the most programs etc.

I really like it. It's not a power hog when running in the background. It updates and scans automatically at the time I designated for it to. No worries there. Free programs I've had were a hassle to remember to do those things with.

Then a couple of weeks ago. I was surfing and happened to see HSN had it. The great part of this IMHO is it's a lifetime service for two computers. They had it before with only one license for the same price I paid for two. Comes to about $50.00 per computer for as long as I own them.

Just thought I'd mention it. It's already found things that were never detected before. The threats are gone and I'm resting easy. After the intial use and it constantly running. All scans hve come up 0 threats.

Forever in our hearts.

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Damitas1289792111.7275 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I agree Vipre is a very good program. It never is obtrusive just a simple Update bubble then it is gone! I am very impressed.

Yes, their offer is really great and got even better.

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