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Dell TSV...why does my cursor move around while I am typing? HELP!!

Started 1262578601 in Electronics Talk | Last reply 1262807394 by NickiML
UGH!! This is driving me crazy!!!!!!!
My cursor moves around while I am typing (even while I type this as a matter of fact).
It moves up to my Bing search and starts typing in the box there...even opens up my favorites and asks me what I am looking for....
Sometimes it will open an entire NEW internet tab or a small box in the upper left corner saying "Open"..and asks me to type a search there....
What am I doing wrong???? CRAZY!!

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Desi1126257910515009 PostsRegistered 6/9/2007Ma
Sometimes mine (also Dell) moves too. I use the little built-in mouse pad. I find if has grease or anything on it this happens. Take a cotton ball with a little alcohol on it and wipe it clean. Wait till it dries (seconds) to use it. HTH


glb613126261029211662 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004
Get into the mouse settings found in the control panel and change the sensitivity.

jennsmyname126261908737 PostsRegistered 11/21/2004
Thank you both for the quick replies.

NickiML12626689161620 PostsRegistered 1/28/2005Plantation, FL
Same thing happened to me....totally crazy. I changed the mouse settings several times then ended up updating the driver, I think...can't remember exactly what I did, but the problem *seems* to be solved. Well, I spoke to soon...after days w/out a problem, the cursor jumps around when I type...again.
Have you tried the webcam? The pic quality is horrible...can't take a pic without light...I updated the software and it's better, but there's got to be a way to improve it...the webcam software isn't software, imo...doesn't do much of anything. Other than these two issues, I think this computer is GREAT! What do you think? I am keeping it, so far.
I think I may have scratched the paint somehow...only see it at a certain angle in the light...maybe my fingernail did it....guess I thought it wouldn't scratch like the Gateway colors don't scratch. I wipe the computer all the time as the shiny finish leaves marks, but that is o.k., I want it to look nice.
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jennsmyname126279070137 PostsRegistered 11/21/2004
The cursor problem still drives me crazy...I don't know if it's just that I'm not used to typing on a notebook keyboard...I don't know if my thumbs may be brushing the "touch pad"....I can't be sure...but it sure drives me insane..while I am typing away...all of the sudden a new window will open...or my cursor will end up in some search window typing in what I should be typing in my original window....UGH!!!!
As far as the webcam....to be honest..it's my first experience with one...and other than my kids playing around with its features...I haven't really used it. It seems a little grainy..but I don't have anything to compare it to...and I don't know how it would look if I used it to video chat...would it look clear on the receiver's end? Who knows?
I'm still getting used to using a notebook...but love it so far.
I was one of the ones who received the dark blue instead of that lighter blue that was aired. In the end I decided to keep it because really...you don't even see the color when you are using the computer...the only time you would really see it is when it's charging...and I don't sit and look at it then...haha.
But any other thoughts on the cursor problem would be appreciated.

BLH12627914551674 PostsRegistered 1/21/2009

NickiML12627932371620 PostsRegistered 1/28/2005Plantation, FL
Hi jennsmyname,
I do not think you are doing anything to cause the crazy cursor to misbehave. I think there is a problem internally, with the software, driver, or something related to the computer. I always make sure the mouse pointer is out of view; plus, I know I am not brushing the trackpad, etc., yet I still have problems.
I am getting increasingly frustrated with the cursor issues you are experiencing. At first, I had new browser windows opening, etc., losing paragraphs in e-mails, the cursor moving while I type....then, I experimented (spending way too much time trying to disenable settings, updating drivers - not sure if it worked)and thought I fixed the problem. It is much better, but the cursor started moving again yesterday while I type.
I'm going to ask my neighbor to take a look and give me his honest opinion on this computer. He likes Dell so maybe he can also tell me how to solve this annoying problem. This should not be happening. I also had a major problem with the magnifier...had a mind of it's own...


jennsmyname126279863737 PostsRegistered 11/21/2004
I'd like to know what your friend says about the cursor issue. And...if I find that it continues...I'll take steps to fix it...or return it.
It's seriously frustrating....same issues as you. Opening new browsers and losing paragraphs...you're right..it has a mind of its own. Crazy.
It's very time consuming to have to stop typing and close all the extra windows it has opened...not to mention that it just shouldn't be happening at all.

adoreqvc12628066816278 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004
i had the same problem with a net book i purchased from qvc as a xmas gift.
the recipient kept complaining that the cursor would continuously move to the beginning of the sentence she was typing, while she was typing at mid point of the sentence. she hated having to constantly deal with the typing errors.
she disabled the touch pad and experimented with changing the mouse settings......all to no avail. it drove her nuts.
she brought it over to me and i also tried by experimenting with the mouse setting, and she still had the touch pad disabled, and no go.
end result i returned it to qvc as defective, because it was a christmas gift and defective.
we went to best buy and she picked out a different net book and has no problems so far, and i hope she won't have these problems with the moving jumping cursor again, especially since it was my christmas gift to her, and although i would have rather bought again from qvc, this time i let her make the choice as to which net book she could try out at best buy and enjoy.
i hope everyone can solve their mouse cursor problems, because i know just how irritating that can be, and good luck.

NickiML12628067591620 PostsRegistered 1/28/2005Plantation, FL
I'll let you know if I'm able to get my neighbor to take a look at the computer.
Did you change your cursor settings, the touchpad settings, etc.? After fooling around with those, the majority of the problems vanished...no more windows popping up, etc., although the cursor still moves when I type, but not nearly the way it did starting on Christmas Eve.


thinkinbou­tit126280687411 PostsRegistered 12/1/2009
I don't know if this will help at all, but I had to turn off that "tap to click" feature (where you can tap the touchpad instead of having to click the left button). If you go into the touchpad settings, you can uncheck it. When it's on, I always end up "clicking" on things I don't mean to. Just an idea.

NickiML12628073941620 PostsRegistered 1/28/2005Plantation, FL
Thankr, I'll check my features. I also need to figure out why the webcam date stamp is backwards...for today, if I took a pic, the date stamp would say 6/1/2010. On New Year's Day, the date stamp was correct; after that day, it hasn't been.


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