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Davis (new tote from Dooney & Bourke) & Moss Florentine

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I was speaking to the Dooney & Bourke Customer Service line yesterday and the lady I spoke to (very nice and helpful) told me that she is taking lots of orders for this one. There is a berry shade that is just gorgeous, like a dark mulberry from my screen. I like that it has a "cleaner" front than the upcoming TSV, which has a "belt". The tassles are not intrusive.

I called initially to ask about the color of my Moss Florentine, which looks deeper on the satchel that Mary Beth Roe held up during a presentation yesterday morning, much deeper than my Drawstring that I just received. It is pretty, but it is different. We went online together. At the Dooney site, under leather accessories, there is a wallet right next to a slim wristlet, both in the Moss color. One is clearly a deeper, richer green color. She said that most of them are the color of the wristlet (lighter). She said I can return my drawstring if I like and choose another color. I am undecided. I love the bag style, but I am not sure about the color. I looked at the other colors it is available in and only a couple others caught my eye. I might just keep it and enjoy it.

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mmqc121334861151.893354 PostsRegistered 2/26/2012Modesto, CA
Your Moss choice is an oohlala! As to Davis Shopper vs. Upcoming TSV I like the Davis on looks better, looks smoother all the way around. Just did a wee comparison and noticed off hand the Davis is $11.88 more (not including tax), is a half-inch wider and a half-inch taller, and currently shows six more color options than the TSV. Of course TSV has currently the e-z pay option.


Panders1334867122.771984 PostsRegistered 10/19/2011North Carolina

MSA when I called to order my Domed Buckle Satchel I couldn't decide between the Moss or the Olive and the DB representative talked me into the Moss she said it was a beautiful color (plus the ladies on this forum made wonderful comments on the color of the Moss). She was very helpful to me and I am so glad I went with the moss. Below is the color of the Moss I got. I love it! I made the picture bigger so you could see the color better.


MSA20041334868237.1274675 PostsRegistered 8/3/2010Midwest, USA

Your Moss looks like mine. Take a peek at the "Best in Bags" show from yesterday. Mary Beth Roe presented one of the Dooney Florentine satchels. The Moss one is definitely on the darker side.

I also like the Florentine in the lighter blue and the orange and a few others. I need to get my next trade-in ready so I can get one "summer" color.

Something Wonderful Is About To Happen!!!!

Panders1334870013.9671984 PostsRegistered 10/19/2011North Carolina

I checked it out and I like my moss better, the one she showed was the olive. I am so glad I went with the moss. The oyster looks beautiful!


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