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Best Places to Buy Brahmin?

Started 1312408027.947 in Dooney & Bourke | Last reply 1312473980.343 by mistyblue

Where do you recommend? Is there any outlet for Brahmin? I've never bought one before but I may **need** some accessories!

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scoutgirl1312408304.5034238 PostsRegistered 5/25/2011

Macy's, Von Maur, Brahmin.com, Dillard's, Belk...any other places?

If you log into Brahmin.com it has a list of their outlet stores

Check ebay too.

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JuicyFruit1312408501.533354 PostsRegistered 9/5/2009

Brahmin.com is the only place where you can get all of the bags in all of the colors. Also it is the only place you can get one from where you know for sure it hasn't been returned. All bags returned to Brahmin go to an outlet store.

Go Brahmin, Go Brahmin ! {#emotions_dlg.tt1} VERY nice bags.

Beckron1312408554.51913 PostsRegistered 3/10/2011Florida

There is a Brahmin outlet but ours in Orlando looks pretty much like colors that didn't work out, or test styles, but you can find some nice things sometimes, not last week and you know I can find something to buy almost anywhere. They had purses that looked like ski jackets in purple and white. They had the lizard purses. I just didn't see too much Sunday.

I think we all need to meet up at their tent sale each year although I haven't heard much about the quality. Dillards and Nordstrom are about the best to have different styles. Of course you can't beat the variety on the Brahmin site and I don't EVER want to go into their retail store lol. I think Bon Ton, Von Maur, Belk and Lord and Taylor are others.

NicoleC1312415405.690 PostsRegistered 9/10/2010

Thanks, Ladies! I've never seen my Macy's carry Brahmin, but it's a smaller store. I need to hit a better Macy's and check it out!

luvDB1312418588.09154 PostsRegistered 5/4/2011

I look at Macy's...I am not sure if they have the largest selection, but that is the most convenient store for me. I also look at the Brahmin site.

Beckron1312420921.2971913 PostsRegistered 3/10/2011Florida
On 8/3/2011 NicoleC said:

Thanks, Ladies! I've never seen my Macy's carry Brahmin, but it's a smaller store. I need to hit a better Macy's and check it out!

Mine doesn't either. They don't even carry Coach, but if they get a return from another store or the internet they put it on sale automatically at 25% off. I was thinking the other day what would stop someone from ordering the bag and then returning it to the store and having someone go back and get it for 25% less. A headscratcher for sure but way too advanced for me.

BaileyBop1312426457.6072771 PostsRegistered 2/20/2008

Our Macy's will be carrying Brahmin in the fall. I don't think it will be a very large selection as it is a smaller size store. The sales lady that I always look for when I am there told me that because of QVC selling Dooney's that they may put more Brahmin's in and take out some of the Dooney's.

Take a lesson from our farmers and ranchers

Marell91312460593.097580 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

You might try calling the Brahmin store in Atlanta. I don't have the number handy but you can get it from the Brahmin website.

The color of the bag I wanted was no longer available on their website but the store had it. It was sent out the same day that I ordered and I received it on the second day. A brand new bag in perfect condition.

Check to see if they have any specials. My bag originally was $275 but I got it at 25% off for $206. Plus, I had a free shipping code. Just be sure you want the bag as there are no refunds or returns on sale items.

Where ever you purchase the bag, I know you will enjoy your Brahmin.

little mis­s sunshine1312463149.8332524 PostsRegistered 10/13/2006

I bought my first Brahmin online and paid regular price. I was willing to pay regular price because I wanted a specific style in a specific color.

My second, third, fourth, and fifth Brahmin I bought at the Orlando outlet for great prices. Yes, they do have bags that probably haven't sold in stores. But, I managed to add lots of colorful bags to my Brahmin collection.

I bought 1 Brahmin at a local Dillards on sale.

My most recent Brahmin purchase was on Ebay. A "preowned" bag which looked as good as my new ones.

I guess it all depends on what you want, how much you're willing to pay. I have seen a small selection of Brahmins in the Macys store in New York.

My advice would be to decide what you really want and how much you're willing to pay for it.

mistyblue1312473980.307523 PostsRegistered 1/10/2007home
I recently phoned Brahmin directly to ask some questions about purchasing from their outlets. The CS rep told me that the Brahmin outlet stores do not accept phone orders at all.It is in store purchase only:( You can phone Brahmin directly and order from them over the phone though.

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