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June bags

Started 1296649885.7 in Dooney & Bourke | Last reply 1296668577.423 by MeganRose

Hi everyone. I am new. I just got my first Dooney after years of wanting one! I got A203807.

I also really like the June bags but I see they are no longer available.

Does QVC get them in every so often? Thank you for any info.


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jassieblu1296653920.317689 PostsRegistered 1/17/2011Maryland

Hi, Terri. The most recent pebble grain June was the first June I'd seen on QVC in a little over a year. You may try looking on ebay. I've see June on there off and on. You just have to keep checking depending on the style you're trying to find. Hope this helps a little.

Islandgirl­70321296654094.46712846 PostsRegistered 6/7/2007Savannah, GA

Terri, the June was on clearance price for awhile, then went to limited quantity price when they didn't have many left.

A few keep popping up in various colors, due to cancellations or returns, so just keep checking that item#, A211586, and you may be able to grab one if it pops up.

I returned one in black that Q received back on Monday, so it should be popping up soon!


MeganRose1296667229.7832789 PostsRegistered 11/12/2007

June bag is no longer available.

MeganRose1296667445.6632789 PostsRegistered 11/12/2007

Please bring back A-211586!!!!!!!!!!! {#emotions_dlg.sad}

SarahW1296667645.15316769 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Dooney.com has a couple of Junes. http://handbags.dooney.com/search#w=june&asug=

MeganRose1296668577.4232789 PostsRegistered 11/12/2007
On 2/2/2011 SarahW said:

Dooney.com has a couple of Junes. http://handbags.dooney.com/search#w=june&asug=

Hi Sarah:

Was fortunate to have purchased the JUNE bag in Saddle when it was on clearance. It's just a hit or miss kind of thing. I suggest to all ladies to keep searching, especially those on clearance. I heard that the Q is going to see about getting the JUNE back. Hope so. Want it in Red and Black. I'll only pay clearance prices though. So, I'll probably be in for a long wait... {#emotions_dlg.sad}

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