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Burnt Orange TSV - Year 'Round Color?

Started 1289878932.083 in Dooney & Bourke | Last reply 1289971901.45 by scottiegal

What does everyone think about the burnt orange tsv being used as a year round color? Or do those of you who have it consider it to be more of a fall color?

I'm debating between the cognac and the burnt orange - I would think the cognac could be worn all year round but I'm not sure about the burnt orange. The color is very striking on the stock photo so it doesn't look to "Fall-like" to me, but I'd like to hear from others who actually own this bag or have seen it in person.

Thanks in advance!

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JoyJ1289880948.876801 PostsRegistered 4/10/2010California

I don't have the burnt orange so I can't comment. I know Scottie Gal has it.. hopfully she will see your question. Here is a picture of hers.


Well, that is weird. Anyhow, here they are again!!

DSCN0081-1.jpg picture by slw422


scottiegal1289882376.2172445 PostsRegistered 10/10/2008

babyugly--I have just carried my burnt orange TSV all last week. I absolutely love the color. It is not as bright as in the pics which were taken under a direct hallway lighting. It is more of a rust color IMO. I do not see why you can't wear this shade year round. It would look great with ivory, yellow, tan, light blues (summer shades) or of course the clear greens, golds and warm shades of spring. It looks fantastic with animal prints as well. I wore it with a variety of colors last week and it really popped the outfit: dark brown, burgundy, olive, even navy. If you like something that stands out get the burnt orange. From what I can see of the cognac it is a gorgeous color as well but I wanted something with a bit more sizzleSmile

babyugly1289882770.3945 PostsRegistered 8/9/2010

JoyJ - thanks so much for posting the pics!

Scottiegal - thank you for giving me your input! I don't know if I would wear this bag all year, but for the investment I'll be making, I'd like to have it as an option! It sounds like this is an unexpected option for a great neutral - and a little unusual! Would you be able to post some more pics of this bag in a more natural light? It doesn't seem like there are many pics of this color on the forum so it'd be great to have some more to compare to :o)

scottiegal1289971901.452445 PostsRegistered 10/10/2008

baby--- If you click on #H09692 (the Hold it High Purse Hanger) on the Q you will see a video of the burnt orange used as a demonstration bag for the purse hanger. The color is very close to the real deal IMO. Hope this helps. The burnt orange is the hanging on the far right side.

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