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i can't find the david venable is gay on a cruise forum

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Bob Bowersox Divorce Leaving QVC Bio Wiki Marriage Wife Fired Pics ...

Dec 21, 2008 ... On December 21, 2008, David Venable from QVC reported that Bob ...... all the female hosts who have to hang all over the biggest gay of all… ...
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Home Shopping Queen: David Venable ... More Than a Yum-Yum Face

Jan 20, 2009 ... I want to marry David Venable!!! I'll totally cook for him in my Old ... I saw David at a gay night club in PA called The Cartwheel back in ...
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Is QVC host David Venable gay? | ChaCha Answers

Aug 27, 2010 ... While David Venable is not openly gay on QVC, he is however openly ... QVC Hosts are rumored to make from $500000-$100000 a year. ChaCha! ...
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David Venable - Ask.com

http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Is+david+venable+from+qvc+gay. Is david venable gay? There is no public announcement of any type concerning David Venable's sexual ...
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greggoconnell.com blog: My Love Affair With David Venable

Sep 28, 2006 ... If you have ever watched David Venable on TV you're probably thinking the same thing as me "Is David Venable gay?" He has the gay lisp and ...
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Shopping Channel Shows - TWoP Forums

Apr 17, 2008 ... I found this quote, ''I have a crush on QVC's tall drink of lemonade, David Venable, who I heard while on a gay cruise ship was seen wearing ...
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David Venable - TVTalkShows.com

50 posts - 5 authors - Last post: Jun 24, 2005
I absolutely love David Venable. But, he is surely gay, so I seriously doubt he and Jill will get together. He is fun to watch! ...
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Even Lesbians Watch QVC, As Host David Venable Found Out On Black ...

Nov 27, 2009 ... David Venable. “It's Debby from New Jersey,” Venable said, ... It's the first time we've ever heard a member of a gay couple call in to QVC ...
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Answers.com - Is qvc host david venable gay

Celebrity Sexual Orientation question: Is qvc host david venable gay? YES! He is gay. I saw him years ago at a gay club outside Philly called the Kartwheel.
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