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Diamonique Rings??

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I love the Diamonique rings, but most of us don't live in million dollar homes and drive Bentley's..so the large stone sizes in the look of real diamonds just don't fit alot of our lifestyles..does anyone else agree that the Q needs to make realistic stone sizes for everyday people who love them, but find our friends know we could never afford to buy those 3,4,and larger stone sizes???

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slickmikk711339643083.072 PostsRegistered 6/11/2012

I second that motion!! My cousin lives in Germany while her husband in the service. She is obsessed with the jewelry they sell on QVC over there. The carat weights are smaller. Most total under a carat with multiple stones. I am so jealous of her great rings. I live in a big city and never wear more than my wedding band or some of my eternity rings from QVC. Just for safety sake. I would LOVE it if they'd get some of the European styles for us in the states.

lovesrecess1339643440.0514658 PostsRegistered 7/14/2008Texas

I love diamonique and I have seen more realistic, smaller-stones lately so look online and you should find plenty of choices.

eternalmag­pie1339645482.67776 PostsRegistered 5/5/2012

some of the Q's Tacori DMQ rings are at overstock, I bought one in a vintage design that while bold, is made up of medium and small stones (roughly about 1/2 carat or less each) and looks very pretty and more realistic. There were several other designs too that I thought looked very nice and not over the top.

one reason I'm usually not a fan of CZ rings is because of the trend of over the top "bling" I always think it screams fake to anyone who knows I'm not filthy rich! {#emotions_dlg.laugh}

mistriTsqu­irrel1339652901.6610733 PostsRegistered 7/17/2010Purgatory, USA

I second what you're saying. I won't buy a diamonique ring with large stones. They look bulky and fake, IMO. If I want a bulky and fake look, I can get that elsewhere for less money.

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bluebelle1339654699.783380 PostsRegistered 7/20/2007Washington State

I was thinking the same thing...I received a cz pendant from the q just today and I'm seriously thinking about returning it, it's too big and looks fake, especially compared to my past, present & future earrings and wedding ring - though not tiny, they're no where near the size of this and just not believable. I wish the designers would keep that in mind. Still thinking about it...I searched for dainty cz pendants and Macy's came up with simple solitaire pendant, I ordered it...Hope not but I'm afraid it will be the same thing.

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LucyGoose1339689580.2173995 PostsRegistered 4/19/2012USA

I totally agree. A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to find a micro pave diamonique band ring here on the Q. It's the most believable fake diamond ring I own.

3-M1339951011.79177 PostsRegistered 4/23/2007Washington State

I've been begging QVC for years to make smaller carat weights in Diamonique but they are few and far between. Guess we who like the smaller stone weight are in the minority or else they'd surely come out w/the styles for us who like to be "understated." I just don't feel comfortable or believeable in the larger stone weights. For a solitaire stone, 1.5 c would be my tops....if it's a lot of smaller stones...a little larger carat weight is fine. I just ordered one from HSN, a cluster, w/a total weight of .89 c. It's in a marquise shape. But as far as stones, I think Diamonique is the best quality.

dmqshopper1340015619.1271533 PostsRegistered 7/18/2009

I agree also. I find that the Q no longer carries enough choices in dmq. I've been buying Bella Luce, and Absolute. Many more stone sizes available. I love and own many dmq pieces, so I wish the Q would bring more back.

AngelPuppy11340016980.0779285 PostsRegistered 5/26/2008

I totally agree! I was looking at the Diamonque the other day and was thinking -- gee, this or that would be so great if only the stones were smaller!

I don't want something that screams "fake". I want a believeable size in rings, earrings and pendants. I have very small fingers, also and large just looks ridiculous on me. I couldn't even get a large real diamond when I got engaged because it looked horrible and fake on me, and didn't even set on my finger right.

I think they would sell so much more Diamonque if they did life-like sizes for the "real", every day woman!

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NancyB1340943931.96346 PostsRegistered 6/15/2006Midwest
I have found rings with smaller carats on shopnbc, so take a look there! I bought two a while back, and one had a beautiful ring wrap with small stones, too. I have begged QVC to get smaller stones in, too, and I don't know for sure, bit I'm guessing that it's possible that the smaller stones are more expensive than the larger ones, that is, in cz's. Since the cz itself is cheap, most of the cost is from cutting the stones, and it must bemore difficult to cut and set smaller stones. Just a guess here, but it's interesting to consider, since it's just the opposite of real stones.

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