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White Denim & Co. Capri with the best "no show"

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Gotta get a pair of denim & co. white capris...don't want a pair that is sheer enough for see through...and I don't like how pockets seem to show on white pants/capris...anyone have a couple of suggestions for an D&C capri in white?

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itsmagic1339018739.861346 PostsRegistered 8/8/2011

I bought A222994 in white. The reviews are very mixed - some people love them, others hate them. I love them. They are true to size on me and the material is a lightweight denim. I don't like see through either and I think these are one of the better ones as far as pocket see through. You can leave the legs down or roll them up to make it more like a pedal pusher and they are really cute that way too. The waist comes to the middle of my belly button but then again I am 5'3" so I'm not sure how far up the waist would be on a taller person. I didn't find that they shrink in the wash (I use cold water and hang to dry).

ittyreen1339019470.603697 PostsRegistered 11/30/2005

If you are concerned about 'no show', wear 2 pairs of flesh-colored underpants under the white pants. Sounds crazy but it will keep you from feeling the least bit self conscious.

banjo1339023947.085475 PostsRegistered 6/16/2006Nebraska

None of my Denim & Co. white capris or pants are see through. I wear neutral undies and when my husband and I were outside in sunlight, I asked him if he could see my undies. He couldn't and if he had he would have definately told me.

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gramsbaby1339110459.015 PostsRegistered 6/6/2012

got my selection...thanks for all input...now, to find the "right" top to go with them!

baby burns1339129297.2678793 PostsRegistered 12/9/2007

i always buy white denim pants in the summer, you do not see through them, i got tired of wearing two pair of panties when i wore them. so give that some thought!

imaclothes­hog1339156900.67723691 PostsRegistered 2/12/2006

SmileI know you already made a selection gramsbaby but just for everyone else that might see the thread, I thought I would mention that I just bought some D&Co. pedal pushers and the white is not see-through, there are no pockets in these though, if you prefer that. Of course these are a shorter inseam so they may be longer on petite women.

Pedal Pushers

I also bought some D&co. modern waist capris in white on clearance (with pockets) but I don't think they are available any longer in most sizes in white, they are A76720. I always hate to spend a lot of money on white pants because we have water with a lot of mineral content in it and they end up looking dingey in just a short time. I do use Calgon in the water and that helps and also if they get too discolored I will bleach them. I don't feel comfortable in white pants if I think they are showing too much of what I have underneath, some of them out there are so thin you can see your legs through them!{#emotions_dlg.ohmy} those aren't for me.

Another reason I like white denim or a thicker twill vs. any other fabric, they tend to conceal your underwear and don't show the pockets underneath if there are pockets.

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Scchick1339516750.45713 PostsRegistered 6/12/2012

Anyone like the A-213776 How Fitting Tummy Slimimg Denim Capris?

Scchick1339516848.25713 PostsRegistered 6/12/2012

Anyone like the A213776 How Fitting Denim Capris?

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