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Tart Warmer w/Timer

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Is there such a product? Just rec'd some samples w/an order of soy tea lights and would like to try them but I would like a warmer I can program if it exist. Thanks much!

I started out with nothing and I still have most of it left......

You drink, smoke cigerettes, have questionable morals - what more could I want in a BFF?

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BornToShop1281472902.891567 PostsRegistered 5/17/2007Florida

I have three timer melters from Gold Canyon. I L-O-V -E the melters and especially the scent pods they offer. The melters have a shut-off timered mechanism that gives you the option of it turning off in 4,8 or 12 hours. You still have to turn on the melter, but it will shut off whatever time you designate. The melters are good size; the pods (also good sized) run $5.98 with a recommended fragrance potency of 6 melting times. I have had pods that have lasted up to 12 times (helps to justify the price). Gold Canyon offers fabulous scents; they throw a strong scent. Check out GoldCanyon.com, HTH

Bdeezy1281541991.077596 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004Delaware

Oh thank you soooo much BornToShop!!

I started out with nothing and I still have most of it left......

You drink, smoke cigerettes, have questionable morals - what more could I want in a BFF?

tiggeerrif­ic51282909949.542236 PostsRegistered 7/13/2006

Do you have to have a home party to purchase

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BornToShop1282939729.2671567 PostsRegistered 5/17/2007Florida

No, you do not have to go to a party to purchase. I went on Goldcanyon.com on a prior post recommendation here once. I liked what I saw and decided to try their products. I am so glad I did. I am not one to go to parties like Pampered Chef, Partylite, etc. I just ordered online; the area rep where I live contacted me; I get invited to Open House events all the time. I just don't go. HTH!

Caseyandba­ileysmom1282940810.297941 PostsRegistered 9/1/2006

I second them, and have an idea for you. I love GC scents, but some Yankee ones as well. So, the last time a pod lost scent, I poued it out, cleaned out the pod really good, and put two yankee tarts in it. Worked like a charm. I am also going to a party next month and took a look at the catalog. They are now selling adaptors to put on the melter to convert them to take oils. I can't wait to get some! I love Gold Canyon candles...you just have to trim the wick.

BornToShop1282949018.5031567 PostsRegistered 5/17/2007Florida

Great idea Casey; funny you mentioned the adapters for the timered warmers. I just placed an order with GC and bought one of each! I also couldn't resist the pumpkin melter and some of the new scent pod scents. The GC scent pods are well worth $5.98 and I get way more than recommended 6 times that they indicate the scent will last. My favorite summer scent is Pool Towel...simply marvelous!

tiggeerrif­ic51282998477.7672236 PostsRegistered 7/13/2006

The pods do they throw off a better scent than the candles?

Jeanne R1283020927.884788 PostsRegistered 7/5/2010


BornToShop1283027149.921567 PostsRegistered 5/17/2007Florida

The GC scent pods throw off a strong scent and is sustained longer because the electric timered melter is just the right temperature. As I have said before in prior posts; I am pretty much done with candles and the drowning wick issue as well as the soot. Besides, I am convinced that you can become immune to scents and I have heard it is suggested to trade off different candle vendors from time to time.

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