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Dilly Dally Candles at Cracker Barrel

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I wondered if anyone else had tried these candles. I purchased some of the Christmas ones that are now on sale. The throw on them is really good. In fact I have a head cold right now and these are one of the few brands I can actually still smell. :) I am curious if anyone knows what candle company is making these for Cracker Barrel. I have tried researching it but have yet to find the answer.

Thank you.


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Local1327182615.451512 PostsRegistered 5/21/2006

I never come on this board but was going to specifically to see if any posts were made about these candles. I've been so disappointed in Yankee since to me anymore they smell like burning electric cords. Anyway, liked the Dilly Dally scents I saw and really liked that they were all white. Did notice the Christmas seasonal ones were in some colors. Since I have a stockpile of candles I just bought one pine/balsam type votive in the Dilly Dally. Thought it was good but figured I'd wait on others until I read some reviews. Since Kringle are all white I wondered if they were the suppliers.

lmws1327192469.60719 PostsRegistered 7/10/2008

I have a lot of Yankee Candles and some of the scents are better than others. I usually buy them when they have the buy two get two free coupons, otherwise they are too expensive. They have just raised their prices to $28 a candle. The Dilly Dally ones are great and I was able to pick up 3 more of the large Christmas ones last night for $6 each. They are Sugar Cookie and for me that's a year round scent. Thank you for sharing the info. on Kringle. I have never had any of their candles before.

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