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i posted previously that i purchased one each of the candles and i was burning them on timer mode to see how they did.... THE RESULTS ARE IN: they each went exactly 50 days! they never lose their brightness... just keep going as usual with no change until.... they start to blink off and on. at day 51 i put in new batteries and took off the clear wrapping. they are keepers for sure.. no one can believe it when they see them! while i have no intention of replacing all my CI... these are really great i find if you put them in a place where you could logically put a light candle. i'm a believer!

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ugabugaboo1316311593.16572 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Thanks for the review.

Mine went exactly 6 weeks using Rayovac Alkaline batteries from Walmart. The very next night they started flashing. I love mine. The flame stays bright and they don't dim down they just burn bright until they stop. They are so lifelike at night! I would recommend them. The batteries could get expensive if you had lots of them, but I am going to stick with the 3 I have on the mantle and use my CI everywhere else. They blend nicely with the CI ones too I think. I replaced the batteries with Energizers so I will see if they last any longer this time.

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