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Bright Light Flameless Candles

Started 1294508777.447 in Candles | Last reply 1294778328.913 by onlineshopr

I'm looking for flameless candles that emit enough light to use during a power outage. It would be great if they were bright enough to read by, but bright enough to find my way around the room is okay.

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Just Plain­ Crazy1294672696.545477 PostsRegistered 7/22/2009

Hi Penny O,

Don't know for sure what candle would give off enough light to read by but I have used the indoor/outdoor lantern when our lights have gone out. That # is H164330. I also think that H17219 gives off a bright light. I have 3 of them together on the floor by my fireplace and they give off a nice light at night. Some of the others just give off a glow.

Hope this helps.


onlineshopr1294778328.9133714 PostsRegistered 6/12/2005

The candles that glow throughout, from top to almost the bottom, would be brighter. If you are shopping for candles here on QVC, take a close look at the online pics and videos associated with the candles you are interested in. You can sometimes tell from the pics and video which styles have more glow than others.

Also, the white or cream choices often put out more light than the colored choices.


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