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Is there any regluar shampoo out there that performs like Wen?

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I do use Wen and Hair one, but is there any other traditional shampoo and conditioner out there without sulfates that performs like Wen without stripping the hair color? My hairdresser has recommended a Redken product.

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donnaj15181283729735.51690 PostsRegistered 3/24/2005Lincoln Nebraska

I like the Loreal Everpure and I believe you can get some free samples from their website. Not sure if that offer is still available or not. I did not care for the conditioner. Here is a thread from not long ago on this topic. Donnaj


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bazzy1283730859.991530 PostsRegistered 11/1/2007

I use Jason's Lavender sulfate-free shampoo and I love it. Beautiful fragrance. They also have Tea Tree. Available at my supermarket and Target among others.

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