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Rahua Nut? Doesn't exist...

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I was reading a rave about a newish hair care (natural based,) line called 'rahua' and their primary ingredient is 'rahua nut' oil. Immediately, I'm like: what IS that, and begin googling. The website "Truth in Aging" confirmed my suspicion that it doesn't exist and cleverly pointed out the various trademarks of the 'Rahua' nut, which, you can't do with a common item, like 'almond oil' or 'peanut' as she says. Completely true and an excellent observation on the author's part at "Truth in Aging" website.

After googling the area that the various Ecuadorian tribes that they note as contributors of this oil, come from, any co-op or humanitarian groups that could be assisting, etc., I've decided that 'Rahua nut oil' is simply brazil nut oil. Common, low cost brazil nut oil. (Which explains also the comments on how the nuts are 'foraged' for. Brazil nut tree are massive, old trees that are not ranched or grown on a farm. You have to go into the forest and know where these trees are, and simply collect the nut 'pods' on the ground. The pods look like giant coconuts in their round brown fibrous form, and inside, like segments of an orange, are the actual brazil nuts we buy in the stores. I was in Peru and we visited a brazil nut tree, it was amazing. And brazil nut oil is fabulous.

But shouldn't this company be fined for having a misleading labeling of ingredients? Don't all ingredients have to be explicitly labeled?

And maybe they have decided to take a page from Ojon and decided they can't charge $32 for a well formulated natural based shampoo (9.3 oz,) unless it contains a mysterious ingredient. At least Ojon is clear about American Palm Oil and how its obtained and their facts back up.

Still. $32? For 9.3 oz. of shampoo? $175.00 for one ouce of their elixir which has Rahua nut oil as the first ingredient?? Yikes! They need to be honest about what is IN their product.

rahua.com is the website for this line. I found it through another beauty blog which raved about the ingredients. Truth in Aging's article is here:


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lovemygigi1282516028.885095 PostsRegistered 3/12/2010

You did a lot of research on this, thank you for sharing it! It's always good to have a heads up on what the newest, latest and greatest is really all about. Especially for a product junkie like myself!

..." Right now, I'm in the sweet spot between complete ignorance and righteous indignation..." Stephen Colbert, 6/5/2014

cerinthe1282517245.5532618 PostsRegistered 7/12/2005

Well I like natural oils and I like to know what is out there, so when I saw Rahua Nut, I was curious. And wanted to post here because its an example of how we have to watch product advertising and promotions...

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