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should women over 60 wear eyeliner???

Started 1281534695.61 in Beauty Banter | Last reply 1281583924.423 by Kathy19078

i put on my makeup this morning, and decided to get out my bb eyeliner and line just the top of my eyes

but, i dont know if iam doing it right????

i use a dark brow, but my eyes look tired?

if i use a pincle, i can get alot closer to the lash line, and that seems to help..

iam playing around with everything,trying to find a good look for someone my age..

less is more i know, but iam so light, i dont tan, i just get new freckels!

should a 60+ women be wearing eyeliner at all??

seems things are fadeing fast on me, lashes, eyebrows,more grey hair!

oh man...i need a makeover!!!!!!!!!!


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Skylands1281535087.156667 PostsRegistered 5/30/2010

Definately line your eyes - softly, maybe smudge the line. Don't want a harsh, black, line.

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claudia__a­nne1281535536.48712395 PostsRegistered 2/4/2010

Like all makeup eyeliner should be used to enhance ones eyes not overpower them.

Harsh makeup looks bad on anyone regardless of their age.

I think women do themselves and other women a disservice by constantly bringing up being "too old" for one thing or another around here.

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Lowry831281535929.243450 PostsRegistered 8/15/2008

I wouldn't know. I'm under 50 and never wear eyeliner. I have dark undereye circles and have never liked the idea of adding more darkness around my eyes. Although my circles are greatly improved due to Skinn Cosmetics Hylighten, I still prefer to avoid eyeliner.

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Kathlen1281535945.1614861 PostsRegistered 8/7/2006East Side, West Side, All Around The Town ... London Bridge is Falling Down

Maybe you should stop in at a local department store and ask at the cosmetic counter what would be a good look for you. Have a makeover there!

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bunnypink1281536091.711520 PostsRegistered 4/14/2008

I don't believe there are any age restrictions or rules on makeup/hair/etc. Do whatever makes you feel good about yourself. Maybe you should go to a cosmetics counter or makeup artist & have a professional show you some looks? Maybe the color/shades you're using are too harsh for your coloring or maybe there's a different way you could apply them to make it softer looking? They could probably show you some techiniques to applying eye makeup/eyeliner. If you want something softer (lighter makeup look) make sure to say that b/c they are probably used to really piling it on! :)

I always find it helps to have a makeup artist show me how to apply cosmetics. I feel like I've learned a lot each time I have done it. One way to choose somebody to show you is if you like the way their makeup looks. Don't go to somebody who you don't like the way there makeup is done b/c chances are that's what they think looks good & how they do it on other ppl.


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MsConnected1281536546.483190 PostsRegistered 4/11/2005middle of the mitten

I'm 65 w/reddish hair, green eyes & freckles - I find that a soft plum eyeliner does the trick without being harsh at all. I use the Almay pencil in Raisin Quartz for green eyes & their mascara in either raisin quartz or chocolate quartz - gives great definition & wakes up my eyes. Brows is another story, mine have always been sparse & light - the Origins Fill In The Blanks in blonde works best for me...hth

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vermint1281537782.851941 PostsRegistered 9/5/2007Southeast USA

I'm 55 and plan to wear eyeliner as long as I can see to put it on! {#emotions_dlg.biggrin} I have small, dainty features on a rather large face, and I need definition. I use a brown or gray pencil, then go over it with a powder liner (dark brown, usually, sometimes dark green or purple), using an angled brush, to soften the line.

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Harpa1281537790.098250 PostsRegistered 6/28/2007

I agree w/ the ladies who have already posted.

Some more to think about -- go for visual balance. If you have graying hair, then you don't want too dark on eyebrows. Consider your eye shape. That may determine how thick or thin the line should go. What statement are you trying to make? Do you want focus on your eyes? Maybe just on the lips?

If you go to cosmetic counters, you may get a SA who is younger and has a different concept from your own. Perhaps try to choose a more mature woman, who may be able to identify more with you.

About eye liner specifically, I agree to go for a softer look. Contrasting eye liner color w/ the color of your eyes, (I find) is more flattering. Brown on brown eyes, for instance, looks too blah.

Maybe you can skip liner and just go for a soft shade of shadow in your crease, and for more definition and balance, a bit on the upper & lower eye line, with a light coat of mascara. Soft blush.

Also, when using BB eye liners, which are dark, if you don't extend the line outside a bit, that visually tends to bring your eyes "down," giving that tired look. You can try to extend the line outward & upward just a bit, visually giving you some lift.


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Deweylu1281562925.78273 PostsRegistered 6/26/2007

I am sixty. I started using "revitalash" the lengthening treatment and this is what I do now. After a good three months so be patient you get these eyelashes that reach for the sky. During the day I wear a soft plum or taup eyeshadow but first put a consealor on for brightness. Drug store volume masscara and WALLA. It is soft and a romantic yourthful look. When I want special, I add a pencial soft brown and tap with my finger to blend. My 15X mag mirror is still not good enough to do the eye liner every day a bit frustrating. I woke up one day and wow the eye lashes were out there. I get the stares and questions toooo. Are those yours???

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twinkies1281568338.2371442 PostsRegistered 10/31/2006

why not??? ya still got eyes.They don't fall out when ya turn 60.lol

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lowmainten­ancegal1281569245.37931 PostsRegistered 9/3/2007

Eyeliner on the top lid can really open your eys, not close them. Just make sure to use a soft color that works for you. And make sure you softly smudge the line, don't use a dramatic defined line.

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Tricolor1281572883.3475631 PostsRegistered 4/19/2010Pittsburgh Suburbs

I agree with all of the ladies that absolutely wear eyeliner as long as you feel comfortable in it. I am 60 and gives my eyes a nice pop. Some people suggest not lining the lower line but I think that is ok for young people. It just gives a nicer look to finish off with the lower lash line.

65 year old
Blonde highlights
Dry skin and hair

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Zaksgrrl1281572939.7579844 PostsRegistered 2/2/2008In the sun but willing to go into the dark

If she's paid off the loan, and has title to the eyes, she can do what she wants!!!!

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janiemay1281573214.16325 PostsRegistered 3/31/2008New York City

Ditto - use a medium brown or light color and smudge. When you give up the makeup, you give up!

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winocat1281573445.7839135 PostsRegistered 4/24/2008No. California

As with most things, I don't think that "age" matters. There are plenty of 20 y/o girls that shouldn't wear eye liner...IMO

I agree with the others - go get a makeover. Treat yourself! Let a professional help you make those decisions.

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lovesrecess1281573655.34314652 PostsRegistered 7/14/2008Texas

I am close to your age and I don't leave the house without eyeliner....my eyes just disappear if I don't have it on....I have green eyes and I have found if I wear a liquid eyeliner it is easier for me to apply; I use the thinnest line possible but it still has a big impact...I am now using Wet n Wild, of all things, in Plum....I was hesitant at first but it is not too dark and does not look purple... I have received compliments from the cosmetics police....two of my DD.....so I think I am on the right track.. you may want to go with a softer brown depending on your hair and coloring....I think black is really too severe for me now.....I don't like smudging it so I don't use a pencil..it drags on my lid too much which is not good....my eyes seemed to have really aged a lot in the past year....

you may also look at the LGeller eye brightener....I use it in the inner corners of my eyes and it seems to really open up my eyes...I think I look less tired and more awake....hope this helps!

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irishwoman1281573749.7972170 PostsRegistered 3/23/2006

thanks ladies!!

no, i dont want to give up! { yet anyway}!!

iam not dead!

iam wanting a softer look, anything to harsh is ageing!

iam going to try a pincle liner in the morning instead of the gel one..that may work better..

i dont wear black anymore, its to much!

so i go for browns, i may get some grey this year?

but, they say browns bring out blue eyes...

thanks again!


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Kathy190781281583924.423224 PostsRegistered 7/29/2010

I am 60 and I use Bobbie Brown's long wearing gel eyeliner. It is the best eyeliner that I have ever used and the brush is also great. It stays on until I take I off. I like the Black Mauve because it is not harsh. I don't were black eyeliner for that reason except maybe if I'm going out at night.

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