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NUFACE! Anyone who has used it, how does it compare to Dermawand, Facemaster?

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{#emotions_dlg.ohmy}Wow the Nuface looks SO much easier to use! I used the Facemaster since it came out and it really worked well, but it was SUCH a pain and took so much time doing all these motions with those two little probes! Then I heard people talking about the Dermawand giving the same results as the Facemaster and many really liked it, but it didn't seem like it was the same or would work as well as the Facemaster.

The Nuface looks SO much easier and faster, of course it is 3-4 times the price unfortunately! I wanted to get it to try today but right now I am not financially able to do even the EZ pay (of course, ESPECIALLY now that it is on such a great payment plan! :( BOO! ) It seems like it works even better or just as well as the facemaster did without those tedious probes.

Does anyone know about the differences or have tried it and have comparisons with results??

Also I am watching Dr. D's Resurfacing System with the diamond dermabrasion and have been seeing the EXACT same machine advertised on an infomercial with the lady that plays "Ashley" on the "Young and the Restless" who says she has been using it for a while now!?? I think it is called "NuBrilliance". BUT it does NOTHING for lifting and firming.

Any info on these products?? TIA!

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lyn in MI1278707847.6124819 PostsRegistered 4/29/2007SW Michigan

Unlike Dermawand and Facemaster, Nuface cannot be used on the eye area or lip area. According to their FAQ, the microcurrent will travel to those areas:
Why do I have to stay out of the mouth and eye areas?
The mouth and eye area are circular muscles and need to be treated in accordance of the muscle direction. Due to the design of the NuFace® device, it can not work those muscles properly and those muscles should be avoided. However, microcurrent does travel so improvement will be seen around the mouth and eyes.

I've not been tempted to try the Nuface, because I've seen the same model numerous times, and she always presents the same before/after sides of her face. I keep thinking that if this provides long term benefits, why hasn't she experienced them {#emotions_dlg.confused1} ?

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tendercolo­rs1278710719.373940 PostsRegistered 1/4/2007sunny and warm in BEAUTIFUL San Diego county, CA

{#emotions_dlg.lol}LOL! We don't know what she REALLY looked like BEFORE!!! LOL! How funny! I know, I am tempted to try it but like you said, it can't go around the IMPORTANT parts like eyes and mouth! THAT is where ( along with the lovely slowly melting jawline!) you really need it to help with the lines and hollows!

Oh well, I guess, there is no fast,easy shortcut! That is SO funny about the model! I never realized it but when you said it like that... It really makes you think!

I DO remember when this device was FIRST shown on an infomercial YEARS ago with a woman with long blonde hair and it was called a "DermalTone" or DermaTone or something like that. Then they took it off because they had to put it through the tests for consumer items like that. But that one DID have a small fixture on the other end that you COULD use for your eyes and around your mouth. So whoever bought the invention took that out. Dumb move! It worked really well because each time you saw a new commercial she and the model looked even better!

Oh well, I guess I will keep using the "probes" and just turning on a good show for an hour! LOL!

A prayer for the wild at heart that are kept in cages. - Tennessee Williams

KKJ1278711009.391292 PostsRegistered 9/25/2005

Is what the NuFace does similar to the Connie Stevens Time Machine? I bought Connie's entire system back when she was big on hsn and I must say her machine didn't do much for me.

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