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Clarisonic - Is this good for older skin?

Started 1277221739.897 in Beauty Banter | Last reply 1277241970.67 by LaurieLobby

I am in my 50's and I think that my skin could use some extra exfoliation. Is the Clarsionic good for someone in their 50's or is it too harsh for older skin? I do have some redness issues and some broken capilleries.

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Nellie B1277222984.1572692 PostsRegistered 4/11/2009

I use it (55). I use the gentle brush and I have not found any broken capillaries and believe me, my face would have shown that: I had my spiders lasered about 15 years ago and would be horrified if they reappeared.

Give it a shot, it is a good product, and you can alway return itSmile

bamamom1277230060.197979 PostsRegistered 2/19/2007State of Confusion


I tried the Clarisonic twice and both times returned. I would be red for hours after using it, used the sensitive/gentle brush with my Purity cleanser. The second time I tried I decided maybe I just needed to get used to it. After about 3 weeks and only using it 2 MAYBE 3 times a week I definitely had more broken capillaries and my redness increased. I sent it back and went to the derm. He said not to use it, peels or scurbs. About the only thing that I can use without issues on my clogged pores is the Biore Pore Strips. I will use a washcloth and rub with a small amount of pressure on the sides of my nose.

I would love to have the laser treatment to remove the broken capillaries, but must stop shopping on the Q and save up.

Good luck! I hope you have better results. I will say my skin did feel smoother.

little mis­s sunshine1277230484.9932524 PostsRegistered 10/13/2006

I've used mine every day/once a day for over 5 years and, at 68, my skin is clear and bright. I use the sensitive brush (I have rosacea); my skin care is Obagi and Zo Skin Health. In fact, Dr. Obagi recommends it for 1 minute cleaning. I don't have broken caps, rashes, reddness, etc.

Funloving1277231363.8478346 PostsRegistered 3/4/2007

I guess it depends entirely on your skin type.. the sensitivity of your skin. I'm 55 prone to broken caps and believe me.. even the regular brush isn't capable of producing such adverse effects. If I had sensitive skin the scenario could be completely different. If anything the clarisonic under-performs for my skin type.

I heard Dr. Rob say it's not intended for exfoliation, rather deep cleansing. I still have to exfoliate with other products. Frankly I was expecting more. The upside, it seems to do what it states it will- cleans better than manual cleansing. With that said, there are other cheap methods- e.g. buff puffs or microfiber facial cloths which IMO would deep clean just as well. I'm in the oil cleansing camp. Believe me.. it draws out every bit of makeup and environmental grime possible.

-By grace alone through faith alone-

swissmiss1277234787.5972226 PostsRegistered 10/3/2005

I am 54 and have rather oily, nonsensitive skin. It works well for me.

Fitzallen1277235123.723669 PostsRegistered 11/4/2008

I'm 48 and it's the best skin care purchase I've ever made. I have dry skin if that helps.

Skylands1277235164.86667 PostsRegistered 5/30/2010

I'm in my 50's. Have had acne, rosaces, name it! Bad skin my entire life. The Claisonic is the best product I've purchased in a very long time. The best thing I've spent money on in a very long time!!!

I was hesitant to believe the hype. I bought the MIA and no regrets!!! You couldn't take it away from me!!

I LOVE THE CLAISONIC!!! You'll notice softer, smoother skin after one use. And you won't believe how it removes all your make-up. It has several brush heads you can choose from. The sensitive works for me.

Try it. You have nothing to loose!!!

Bella21277241109.723133 PostsRegistered 1/14/2006

Thank you all for taking the time to reply. I think that I will get it and give it a try. Thanks again.

LaurieLobby1277241970.667600 PostsRegistered 1/18/2008Baton Rouge

I'm 46, have uber sensitive skin and have had this for around 2 months (bought the Mia as the TSV). I was so worried about my sensitive skin that I've only used the sensitive brush until recently. I threw out that one, been using it daily with no problems. Just started using the regular brush and I really like the regular one way better. My skin is just fine, no issues at all. LOVE the cleansers that came with it too. As soon as I'm out, will be repurchasing.

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