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Nutra Sonic VS Clarisonic, what do you think?

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The Southern channel has the Nutra Sonic at an event price which is about 1/2 the price of the Clairisonic. I watched the video on it and it sure does seem like the same thing. Do any of you have the Nutra Sonic and if so, what do you think about it? I am really wanting to order this, and the price is great.

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Katharita1275690533.7136749 PostsRegistered 11/19/2008Hooterville, Texas

I've used the Nutra Sonic daily since early January and I love it.

I have not owned my own Clarisonic, but I have used someone else's (I hope that does not start a new "ick" thread) and find them to be quite comparable. The Nutra Sonic has a gentle setting, a normal setting, a "jitter" (exfoliation) mode, and a body setting. It comes with a sensitive skin brush, a normal skin brush (which I prefer) and a body brush. Mine stays charged for about 10 days with daily use. I have not had any problems with it at all.

The Skinn Sonic on ShopNBC is the same machine as the Nutra Sonic. It comes with a lot of products, but it's not on sale right now.

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JustWantBe­autifulSkinn1275691368.561506 PostsRegistered 11/13/2005

the Clarisonic has ONLY 2 speeds AND the mini Clarisonic is the Mia ? with 1 speed

I PERSONALLY think that the NutraSonic AND SkinnSonic which are the SAME PRODUCTS are MUCH better AND offer more EVEN if they did not offer all of the EXTRA items -

with TWO extra speeds, less expensive, 3 brushes

NutraSonic has a JITTER mode AND SkinnSonic has an EXTRACTION mode BOTH are AND do the SAMETHING - they are just calling them different names

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BC Gal1275695083.07358 PostsRegistered 8/4/2007

Thank you so much for your replies. I have gone ahead and ordered it. I am excited about receiving it. I am 60+ but have pretty good skin. I have noticed that my pores are much more noticable so thought I needed something to help me with that situation. I had ordered the Clarisonic a few days ago when it was on 5 easy payments, but thought about it and $200 is pretty steep, so cancelled it. So, while browsing the other channel today, saw the Nutra Sonic and thought it sounded great, and no shipping and half the price. Now I will be able to see if it really helps out with these pores.

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G-Mo1295744694.531 PostsRegistered 1/22/2011

I know this post is late...but I agree with the other ladies. I also own the Nutra Sonic and I LOVE it, it has more speeds than the Clarisonic, and it does such a GREAT job. And let's face it- it is MUCH cheaper! Glad you tried it!

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ItsME1295748258.483774 PostsRegistered 5/1/2008Sunny South Florida

I just got the mini Nutra Sonic on Monday. It only has two speeds. I haven't tried the Clarisonic, so I can't compare them, but so far I love the Nutra Sonic. I think you'll be happy. No free shipping on mine though..... {#emotions_dlg.thumbdown}

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Queen of D­eals1295755660.75244 PostsRegistered 11/1/2008Chicago for now, but eventually I'm putting this whole Town in my rear view and my sights on NYC.

Had both and retruned both. Clarisonic felt nice, but saw no noticeable differnece in my skin. Nutra Sonic, was hard to regulate the speeds and remove the brush head, 1 of them actually broke Try the Oil of Olay facial brush for $30, I haven't tried it but it's cheap(in a good way).


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lyn in MI1295785864.06724816 PostsRegistered 4/29/2007SW Michigan

I found an interesting review @ truthinaging.com that compares them - click HERE.

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ItsME1295790920.73774 PostsRegistered 5/1/2008Sunny South Florida

Thanks Lyn! The review makes me think that maybe I should return the NS for the Clarisonic.... My skin is very sensitive, and while the NS brushes are fine for most of my face, my cheeks would probably appreciate the softer brush!

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lyn in MI1295791034.89324816 PostsRegistered 4/29/2007SW Michigan

You're welcome, itsMe.

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bozismydog1295791585.57727 PostsRegistered 5/3/2006Richmond, VA - transplant from MA

I bought the Nutra Sonic mini when it was the todays special on HSN. I also sent them as Christmas gifts to each of my 3 daughters. I like mine just fine and they were only 39.95 each. One difference that I have noticed Dr Rob addressing on the Clarisonic demonstrations is the fact that the whole brush moves on the nutra sonic as opposesd to only the center on the clarisonic. He says that is so that it won't splash into your eyes. I dont have a splashing problem and I can't afford the clarisonic so I am pleased with my nutra sonic.

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Skylands1295796512.636667 PostsRegistered 5/30/2010
On 6/4/2010 PhotoQueen said:

The Southern channel has the Nutra Sonic at an event price which is about 1/2 the price of the Clairisonic. I watched the video on it and it sure does seem like the same thing. Do any of you have the Nutra Sonic and if so, what do you think about it? I am really wanting to order this, and the price is great.

Clarisonic is the market leader. It is utilizes the patented Sonicare technology. Why go with a 'me too' product? Stick with the leaders. Love my Clarisonic Mia!

You get what you pay for in this world.

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dusty11295796972.731135 PostsRegistered 5/21/2006

I have had both & the only difference that I noticed was the lack of a timer on the NutraSonic. For the price difference, I'm just as happy with the NS, but I honestly never have seen much improvement in my skin from using it.

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sunshine451295797453.01745549 PostsRegistered 1/13/2007east coast and west coast

i own two full sized nutrasonics, one mini nutrasonic, and gave two mini nutrasonics to my daughters for christmas.... can you tell i love them???..... they are an EXCELLENT product. i have not had any problems and i use it about two or three times a week. i can definitely feel a difference in my skin and it helps serums and creams sink into my skin much more easily.

mine came with three heads and can hold a charge for well over a week.

the pricing is so much better than the clarisonic!!!!

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conibear1295797692.67333 PostsRegistered 3/23/2007

i have the special value NS and I love it. my 20-something daughter also tried it and loves it too. i will get her one for her birthday. why pay for the name brand? if NS can make one for this price, why can't CS? Highly recommend the NS

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millieshops1295798035.76716661 PostsRegistered 3/15/2007

I've never tried any except the Clarisonic, so I can't compare - and that's probably true for most of us. We find a machine we like and use it. Not sure what machine I'd try if my Clarisonic died, but definitely would want to use a machine in my cleansing routine. Just have no idea which is better and I'm not likely to buy a different brand while my Clarisonic is working well.

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Susan-Tampa1302539945.4412 PostsRegistered 3/8/2005

I'm very late in replying too, but I got the Sonicare when it first came out. I never much liked it and wasn't that upset when it died. I threw it out and bought the Nutri-Sonic. I like it so much better. It was less than half what I paid for the Sonicare.

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