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Best Bug spray for kids, especially to repel ticks.

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The Other day I found a tick on My 2 yr old son. It was under his knee and I had to remove it with tweezers and bring him to the doctors. I need something to help keep them away. I am very concious about where he walks and plays now more than ever before. I freak out everytime he wants to play outside please help.{#emotions_dlg.w00t}

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Jgirl1275593415.9272804 PostsRegistered 2/16/2008

I would not use any bug spray on growing children with young nervous systems. Too much risk.

I heard (I have NO idea if it works) that fabric softener sheets keep bugs away.

I am sure they look quite fashionable sticking out of pockets!

Or, try the Skin So Soft by Avon. That is a natural bug repellent.

Missey112755946683174 PostsRegistered 12/21/2008Sierra Foothills CA

Where do you live, on acreage....If it is a small yard, I'm sure you could have it sprayed. I would not put anything on him. Do you have a lot of brush in your yard. It is recommended to wear long pants tucked in and long sleeve shirt (light colored clothes), but if it is summer I can see where that would not work.

I would suggest you just inspect his body when he comes in and/or put him in the tub and bathe, don't forget to shampoo the hair. They should be easy to see. If the one you picked out was engorged, it had been in for awhile.

Forget to mention that if you have animals that go out and come in, they need to have a good tick repellant. If you do have animals, it could be that that is where your son got the tick and not directly from the outside. Anyway hope that helps. Don't panic.

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newlawgirl1275624137.2873000 PostsRegistered 2/4/2010

I have a two year old as well and as much as I don't like the idea of chemicals on his skin, the more immediate concerns for me are West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease. I prefer using the picaridin products versus the Deet products. If you're looking for more natural products, I've found that the Bug Bands work well too.


I would still definitely check your son over and keep an eye out to make sure he doesn't develop any rash from the first tick bite. From one parent to another, good luck!

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