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Herbalife OR Isagenix OR Another Recommendation???

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I usually make this for the "vegetable"...even kids love this...it is always welcomed. Love,Ties:-)
I am really wanting to get off this 20lbs that I have gained back from my weightloss, I worry that 20 will turn into 10 more then 10 more......
I was "thinking" of trying a "system" that way I will stick with it, really don't want to do Nutrisystem and such but was thinking about Hebalife or Isagenix....NEVER tried either and would LOVE to hear feedback if you have used either of these OR recommend another that you have tried and like?
TIA - I appreciate the feedback :)


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lburgstahl­er1287168343.7531 PostsRegistered 10/15/2010

hi there! i'm just seing your post on herbalife vs. isagenix. did you ever end up trying either of them?

iIve personally tried both and think Isagenix is a MILLION times better. The nutrition in the products is amazing, and I felt way more energy (and saw better results) with Isagenix. I wasn't looking to lose a ton of weight (as I was already at my "happy weight"), but I did want to tone and tighten my body by creating more lean muscle. Isagenix did that for me, and only after 1 30 day cleanse. I'm just starting my second 30 day cleanse, and can't wait to see how much more my body changes.

As a runner, I started the system at 133 pounds, and weighed in at 129 pounds after 1 month (so I lost 1 lb per week). But, I lost 4 inches off my body, specifically in my waist, butt, and thights. For me, it's TOTALLY worth it. I'd be so willing to share more info with you if you want. The girl who got me hooked on it has a best friend who used the products for 1 year and lost 90 POUNDS...AMAZING!!!

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