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Want to get gel nails - what is avg price of full set & fills in Florida?

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I had acrylics years ago and now want to try gel nails. How long is the process and what's average price - I live in Central Florida? Thank you!

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MD_girl1273960448.66773 PostsRegistered 11/16/2004

No idea, but why not contact a few nail salons in your area and find out how much they charge?  That way you'll know for sure.

katz11273962782.6133897 PostsRegistered 12/30/2009

I live in Texas and I get solar or gel nails. Initial price here at the Salon I use is $45 and $35 for fills.

Lotus1273968785.27737512 PostsRegistered 6/23/2006Long Island, NY

North Shore of Long Island........90 bucks for a full set.  Not sure about the fill in....I think i'ts $35.

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Ribby1273984712.957148 PostsRegistered 2/18/2010

In the bay area of California its $40 for a full set and $25-30 for a fill.


(I know its not Florida, but I thought it would be fun to get prices across the country){#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

abbeythe 8­th1274019109.5534555 PostsRegistered 9/2/2007

I wear short gel nails and I'm embarrassed to say what I pay to maintain them.  They are expensive but I play the piano and my nails are extremely weak and tear easily. If you are considering them, remember you get what you pay for.  There are inexpensive nail salons that will hack your nails to death and use cheap inferior problems. Investigate thoroughly before you take the plunge.  It is a big commitment.

sunnysw1274021856.693224 PostsRegistered 11/5/2009

There is a new Gel product out by CND (Creative Nail Design) called SHELLAC - google SHELLAC or go to CND's home page & you will find all the information on it.  There is a icon for finding a salon near you that has SHELLAC.  There is no drilling, filing, etc.  GOOD Luck!!

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