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WEN Products- For Ethnic Hair

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Hi Everyone!  I am a african american woman and I recently purchased WEN shampoo and I am just curious if someone can tell me how they like the products.  I wasnt sure about how to use the product.  It says it can be left in as a leave-in conditioner; I washed my hair with it, let it stay on for a few minutes and then rinsed.  I also added a few additional pumps for leave-in. 

Please let me know !



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Iluvlucy1273175796.263804 PostsRegistered 8/22/2008

I know one of the Q hosts, can't remember her name, but she uses it, you might email her for help.  Personally for me, I love it!  Not a woman of color, though.

Love me, love my rescues!!!!!

TwinBeauty1273178282.50314 PostsRegistered 2/8/2010
On 5/6/2010 Iluvlucy said:

I know one of the Q hosts, can't remember her name, but she uses it, you might email her for help.  Personally for me, I love it!  Not a woman of color, though.

 thank you. I will check it out to see who uses it. 

Iluvlucy1273179363.05804 PostsRegistered 8/22/2008

I checked, the one that uses Wen, is Leah Williams, check with her.

Love me, love my rescues!!!!!

cerinthe1273183759.772618 PostsRegistered 7/12/2005

Also, Chaz has a bunch of video recommendations (how to use, what to add, how to style,) ethnic hair. He recommends the fig, and he also recommends adding some of his oils (which is basically jojoba oil,) to the CC leave in, and/or the Styling Gel leave in. If the hair is very coarse or thick, you may need extra pumps to cleanse and leave in. Also, if the hair is naturally curly, he recommends (and I looooooove it too!) the styling stick ("texture balm") to help curls/waves maintain (works FABULOUS for me and I have fine hair.) Check out his website, they should have the videos, there are some specifically for ethnic hair - Yes, its under 'Instructional videos' under the website chazdean.com and under 'medium to coarse/ethnic' hair. On the right you can scroll through whatever step in the process you want to watch. There are probably 7 or 8 total. Some are a little repetitive, but still, there are steps there (like adding the oil) that aren't in the other videos. The video which shows 'technique' simply recommends using a diffuser to blow dry. The video labeled 'texture balm' discusses that. Use the arrows above and below the list of videos to scroll through and pick what you like, or watch them all! You can scroll through the other 'hair types' if that particular one doesn't cover you. They have someone with shorter hair in another video that is also ethnic and coarse. Enjoy!

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bruingirl1273183947.537367 PostsRegistered 8/3/2006Los Angeles, CA


Some of the kits offered on q come w/an instructional dvd which is helpful for newbies. I have a couple of extras if you'd like one.




Dattie1273186130.6937452 PostsRegistered 12/1/2007Originally from the "Buckeye" state, Ohio. Alabama.

I use it, I'm AA. I like the Lavender and I  mix it with the Tea Tree for the scalp and sometimes a little Fig for more moisture. You can mix them up. Good luck with it.


Cresm8r19081273197531.723556 PostsRegistered 9/20/2006Sitting Pretty, Perched and Posed

I'm AA.  Shoulder length "chemically dependant" hair Smile (relaver 2x a year, permanent color 2x a year, color rinse to maintain).

I've used Wen for appx 2 years now (Fig) I like it alot. I use it as a leave in as well as an overnight treatment (mixed with the Wen Fig oil or w/ just Olive oil/Jojoba oil)  I am branching out into Lavendar - mostly for the scent.

I do not like the texture balm (but I gave it to my Father who has naturally curly hair and he loves it - gave up on his Dax pomade for the Wen T. Balm after 70+years!) I've not used the volumizing spray - only because I do not understand it and I really don't need volume anyway.  I don't like the "control creme" as it leaves a "stickiness" to my hair, wet set/air dry or blow dry.

Sometimes I do use a shampoo when I feel I need "extra" cleansing, but then I condition with Wen anyway.

I hope you like it as much as we do.  Take some time to come over the thread "Divas of Color" and peruse the various comments, tricks and tips offered to Ladies of Color re: Wen and other items offered by Q and other vendors.  Hope to see you there!!Smile

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