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Help!! New Wen user

Started 1272371417.797 in Beauty Banter | Last reply 1287510165.997 by cerinthe

I ordered the TSV a few weeks ago, but I am not liking it! Am I doing something wrong? I ordered the sweet almond mint, I have shoulder length, color treated hair, with light layers.  My hair seems drier than before, and after a few hours it feels oily. I used about 32 pumps and tried to follow the directions as best I could. The replenishing spray I don't like because it makes my hair look oily. Any help would be appreciated.

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Boehm Coll­ector1272373106.8931638 PostsRegistered 11/15/2007

Hi TommysMommy,

I have been using WEN since August.  My hair is chin length, fine, thin and color treated.  I cannot use the Sweet Almond Mint.  It dries out my hair.  I usually use the Lavender CC followed by either the styling creme or the replenishing mist right before I am ready to blow dry,  Some times, instead of the Lavender CC, I use the Tea Tree on my roots and the FIg on my ends (this was also recommended by Chaz at the Beauty Bash).

Anyway, there was definitely a learning curve.  Don't give up.  Initially I thought my hair looked limp.  But with continued use my hair has never looked better.  Also, I used to have to wash my hair every single day.  Now I only cleanse every other day.  On the days I do not cleanse I rinse my hair well and use either the styling creme or the replenishing mist right before I am ready to blow dry.  HTH.  Maria

TommysMommy1272377250.30332 PostsRegistered 5/21/2008

Thanks Maria for your input. Maybe the Sweet almond Mint is not for me. I am not ready to give up yet...I will keep trying. Thanks again!!

bruingirl1272389502.0137379 PostsRegistered 8/3/2006Los Angeles, CA

Hi TommysMommy

32 pumps sounds like enough for your hair. Can you walk me through your routine? That will help the wen "experts" give you some suggestions. I've been using wen since Aug 2006 and haven't used shampoo since. 



TommysMommy1272390582.9432 PostsRegistered 5/21/2008

Bruingirl, Thanks for your reply. I wet my hair, put the 32 pumps through the 4 sections of hair. Than I comb it through & clip it up while I shave my legs. I don't know if I am actually leaving it on for 3-5 minutes though. I do what I have to do then I rinse it through & comb it through with cool water. I don't towel dry my hair if I can help it, just squeeze the excess water out, comb again & apply styling creme & then blowdry. Is that not the correct way?

bruingirl12723910417379 PostsRegistered 8/3/2006Los Angeles, CA

TommysMommy - your routine sounds pretty good. I just have a few suggestions:

when applying the CC, make sure to really massage it on your scalp and ends for 1-2 minutes..adding a splash of water to help emulsify the CC...comb thru and clip it up the remainder of your shower.  Comb thru a few times while rinsing to get the product out...rinse for 1-2 minutes. I always rinse for an extra 30 seconds after I think I'm done rinsing.  Apply 1-2 pumps of CC as a leave-in...start at ends and work your way up...apply it to soaking wet hair.  comb thru and gently squeeze the excess water... towel drying can cause your hair to frizz. Then apply the styling creme 1-2 pumps...starting at the ends and working your way up, comb thru and blow dry.



TommysMommy1272395102.23332 PostsRegistered 5/21/2008

Bruingirl, thanks for your tips. I was not massaging it into the scalp or adding water to emulsify. I probably am not rinsing it enough either, 5 minutes is a long time when you are in the shower!! I will try all these tips tomorrow & see what happens. Thanks again for the great tips!!

bruingirl1272413301.917379 PostsRegistered 8/3/2006Los Angeles, CA

You're welcome. Let me know how it turns out.


itsmeagain­again1272417337.57150 PostsRegistered 1/8/2005

TommysMommy - your experience with WEN sounds just like mine. My hair is shoulder length, color treated and lightly layered. I am also a first-time user and bought the Sweet Almond Mint. I was using Aveda Color Conserve products and just didn't like the way my hair lost its highlights (color and highlights done at an Aveda salon). My hair was dry and strawlike. So, I took the plunge with WEN. Well, I did exactly what was described on the bottle - I did add a little water and massage - and it felt really good when I got out of the shower. As I dried it (using an Aveda brush, not my usual metal brush), I thought it felt very soft. However, after I finished, it looked as dry and fly away as usual. I had to use a shine mist to make it look better. I am distressed to think that not even WEN will make my hair look better! I am tired of using so many products!

All of you WEN users, should I continue with it for a few weeks or send it back?????

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Last edited on 4/27/2010

PebblesJen­naSophie1272418314.197289 PostsRegistered 7/27/2008

I am a first time Wen user too but I ordered the Fig. My hair is down my back so I aim for 40 pumps, massage, comb thru and pin up to end of shower. Rinse but prob dont rinse enough and then I put the styling creme in my hair.  Overrall, Wen is a lot of work so far but my hair extensions are not as dry as with normal shampoos so I will keep using Wen for a few more weeks to see if I can get the hang of it.  If I just had my normal hair like most people, Wen would be so much easier cause extensions make everything alittle more difficult.  I am trying to wash every 2-3 days and one of those days I just rinse my hair and reapply the creme and blowdry and the other days I use a shower cap.  I also use the replenishing mist daily too.  Basically, I am still on the fence with Wen. 

PebblesJen­naSophie1272418475.077289 PostsRegistered 7/27/2008

itsmeagain, if you hair is dry, I might of went with the Fig like me. My extensions were really dry before Wen and now they feel awesome if that means anything just takes so long to shower.  Thanks  

itsmeagain­again1272572596.983150 PostsRegistered 1/8/2005

So, I used WEN again exactly according to instructions and also used the styling cream. I can't say that I'm happy with the results. I had to use shine mist again to make it look OK. I'm having my hair colored and highlighted in two weeks, so I'll use WEN to see how the color stays. If I still see no difference, then it's back to Aveda Color Conserve and bye bye to WEN. It will still be within my 30-day return period. Thanks, PebblesJennaSophie for the advice about the Fig.

jrow1272574695.253161 PostsRegistered 8/5/2006Georgia

I tried all of the different cleansers he has on QVC, and it's just not for me.  It makes my hair feel weighed down, and gets dirty fast.  My husband uses it and loves it, but I went back to Frederic Fekkai Technician for color treated hair, and it feels like silk, and is very managable.  I have thick hair down past my shoulders, and used a lot of product, but it just didn't work for me.

PebblesJen­naSophie1272603223.027289 PostsRegistered 7/27/2008

Finally, I am starting to figure out what works for me using Wen. I start with 40 pumps, rinse right away, repeat with 20 pumps, comb thru, and pin up to end of shower and rinse as best as I can.  I wash 2-3 times a week and I use the replenishing mist in between washing and working out too.  My hair doesn't feel weighed down like other shampoos and conditioners so starting to like Wen more and more now.  Leaning towards keeping Wen verses sending back TSV.  If Wen doesn't work out, I was going to try Deva Line at Ulta which is a nonlathering shampoo and conditioner but a bit different than Wen.  Plus, I still have my normal shampoos in my shower like Ojon, Aveda, but sometimes they weigh my hair down esp since I have extensions too. 

Hilo1272605776.4377109 PostsRegistered 8/28/2007


What works for oily flat hair?  I bought the big bottle of Wen in the Lavender and am not happy at all; very expensive to use if one's hair is long.

If they don't have anything for my type of hair, I will go back to a natural one I bought at the local health food store.


MindeeK1272606599.2277 PostsRegistered 4/29/2010Sioux City Iowa

Well I have super curly color treated hair... I do things a little diff. than the directions after using WEN for a year+... I comb/brush my hair really good before even getting in the shower. I soak my hair, so its supper wet, do my sections, work it in with my fingers,adding a splash of water, FINGER comb it, then clip it up without combing at this point, leave it on as long as my shower lasts, sometimes I have to stall a bit then work some more water into it finger comb then comb comb and rinse out really well, then when my hair is still super wet I work a pump pump and half in comb it in and wring it out and "turban" it up with a towel and let it towel dry that way so it doesn't get frizzy. It took me awhile to be a WEN fan but I am now. I tried every one and I like the fig and tea tree one. I think the almond one is not for me. But it comes in my AD shipment so I mix that in with any of the other 4 that come in the set.

TommysMommy1272636085.61332 PostsRegistered 5/21/2008

Well ladies, I think Wen is going back. My hair initially looks dry, then as the day goes on it gets "dirty" looking & oily. There is no way I could go a day or even two without washing it again. Oh well, I tried. I will stick with my shampoo for color treated hair. Thanks for all your replies & advice. I guess I am just not a "Wen girl". Besides it seems like a rather expensive product to keep using.   

BeckyPB1272667328.26328 PostsRegistered 1/4/2005

Tommys Mommy - thanks for starting this thread!  I've been wondering about WEN vs. Living Proof vs. Ojon and from the results I've seen in the different presentations I think I see the best results with WEN.  Right now I'm washing my hair with the Philosophy Pure Grace, but since I have color treated hair I think I need more "hair specific" products.

I really appreciate everyone's thoughts on the WEN and learning about your experiences with the different choices.  My hair tends to be a little oily so it sounds like I should probably order the Lavendar.  I need a styling product and I'll get the replenishing mist. 

Thanks for all of the info!

cerinthe1272670988.7132618 PostsRegistered 7/12/2005

Definitely add that 'splash' of water after you put the pumps in the hair. Maybe a 1/8 to a 1/4 cup of water. Then massage, then let hair set at least a full 2 minutes. The WEN should 'bloom'. In other words, it will 'aborb' that water and begin to turn almost into a lotion. It feels completely different from the 'stiffer feel gel' feel when you put it on initially. Then I massage one more time (and then I let it set again as long as possible if I'm relaxing in the tub, shaving, etc.,) and then rinse thoroughly. My hair feels squeaky clean. Then while dripping wet I will add a full pump of the styling gel to th erinsed sopping wet hair. (I have thin shoulder length hair. If you have thick, coarse, more hair than me, etc., then you might or might not need more, so experiment. Because I use other products, I have chosen not to use the cleansing conditioner as a leave in before the styling gel. But I also have good results when I do. Your milage will vary depending on quantity and texture of your hair.) Then I put a microfiber towel on my head, let it set a minute as I dry off, and then I comb and style hair.

Try leaving out the refresher for now. You can try that later. It definitely ads some 'weight' and takes out some of the shine for me unless I blow dry (which I don't usually do.) I am still experimenting with this.

I think adding that splash of water is key for people who are getting the greasy icky hair. And rinsing well. But if that doesn't help, then maybe WEN isn't right for you. Try it a few more times because WEN definitely takes a little practice to work well. Also, it does not work as well in hard water (I've been traveling a lot, and a place I went that had hard water, my goodness, hair was much more flat. Which honestly, is how it would be with my other shampoo conditioners I used to use... hard water is horrible on skin/hair!)

PebblesJen­naSophie1272685528.707289 PostsRegistered 7/27/2008

Do you know if you can use separate conditioner while using Wen for added moisture? I like Wen but need alittle more moisture for my hair extensions so just curious. Thanks

cerinthe1272843996.1632618 PostsRegistered 7/12/2005

Pebbles, I suppose you could. On the videos, Chaz adds a few drops of his oils to the leave ins to add more moisture (seen in the coarse/thick hair videos, people who use fig,) Those oils are basically jojoba oil. So you could try that...?

PebblesJen­naSophie1272849296.357289 PostsRegistered 7/27/2008

Would I put the jojoba oil on my ends Cerinthe?  I emailed customer service and they didn't recommend separate conditioners on top of Wen but I didn't mentioned the oils, do you think that would help? Thanks

PebblesJen­naSophie1272852382.223289 PostsRegistered 7/27/2008

One more thing, went back to my Ojon and another conditoner Sat to see difference between Wen and wow my hair felt yucky, heavy, and my extensions tangled horribly Sat. I went back to my Wen today and my hair felt awesome and combed thru in the shower and out of the shower too, why is that longtime Wen users? I am a first time Wen using since TSV, is that normal? And Ojon suppose to be natural too right????

cerinthe1272870658.522618 PostsRegistered 7/12/2005

I used to use Ojon (and still use the original restorative and the newer leave in restorative and occasionally the glossing serum, oh and whatever I have left of the SWA serums and SWA spray, I use these all with WEN and find that they still work great.)

RE: adding oil as a leave in, what Chaz recommends is: After you are done cleansing and rinsing, use some of the cleansing conditioner as a leave in. (I have fine, not too much, shoulder length hair, and if I do use the CC as a leave in, I use 1 pump or less, and then 1 pump styling cream. Again, applied to sopping wet hair as soon as I'm done rinsing, in the shower and before towel drying. If you have more hair than me, lots of hair, or medium to thick hair, or curly to coarse hair, it is likely you will use more.) So maybe start with one pump of cleansing conditioner and 2 drops of jojoba oil. Rub together and apply and then move on to applying the styling creme. How much CC do you use as a leave in? I might add two to three drops of jojoba oil per pump of CC. Start there and see if that helps... Chaz recommends only doing this 'leave in' on the ends and middle part of the hair, not the roots.

Also, on Chaz's videos, you can add jojoba oil to his styling creme! (his oils are basically just jojoba oil with some herbs and fragrance added, I get my jojoba from Trader Joes, very inexpensive, check your local health food store. Its very lightweight...it IS great as a weekly conditioning treatment to sleep in as well and as a body oil. WEN easily cleanses this out,) I didn't realize this until I reviewed now. Probably only recommended for the most coarse and dry hair. But that is an option too. You could add oil to one step or to both. I think this would result in the best lightweight distribution of the oil (try this on a weekend in case its a disaster. :) Cause I haven't tried it myself!)

If you use the Ojon restorative leave in (that gel in a tube that comes clear or colored,) you could add this to your hair as well. I often use one pump (pea sized) to my hair after towel drying (sometimes,) and I like that result as well. (Ojon takes the curl/wave out of my hair, always has. WEN does not.) Chaz's videos with 'how tos' are up on his website and on youtube and are definitely worth watching.

I'm not sure why you had the different results after trying Ojon. No clue, can't even guess! That is odd. Maybe you left WEN on the hair longer or rinsed more thoroughly? Keep us updated! I'd love to hear what works and what doesn't work for you. If I don't respond, it might mean I'm having a busy week so don't take it personally, I will do my best to follow up. :)

PebblesJen­naSophie1272903790.39289 PostsRegistered 7/27/2008

Thanks cerinthe, my next trip to Trader Joes, I will pick up some of that jojoba oil.  Can I use on dry hair ends or better to mix with styling creme or Wen leave in wet?  I do have Ojons restorative treatment and the Ojons blonde leave in so I never thought of trying that, do you think that would help too? If I use Ojons blonde leave in, should I still use Wen as a leave in or just use the styling creme with Ojon. I never really had a problem with any shampoo with my normal hair but since my extensions any shampoo and or conditioner loaded with product makes my hair heavier and tangles more easily.  Kinda odd can't explain it but Wen seems to due better with my extensions but I might try the jojoba oil and Ojons leave in too.  Still love Ojons restorative treatment and I use in evening before i wash with Wen.  Saturday I did wash with Ojon shampoo and Anova conditoner that my stylist wanted me to try and my hair felt yucky all day and tangles galore so right back to Wen Sunday night.  With Wen , I try to wash 2-3 times a week and just use the replenishing mist for working out or restyling in the am.  So far, I haven't found anything magical for my hair extensions but Wen does the best so far so should just keep using that correct? Will Wen keep my normal hair looking good too for when I take my extensions out? Thanks so much. Shelly

cerinthe1272911198.1872618 PostsRegistered 7/12/2005

I think its best to mix the jojoba oil with another product only so that its evenly distributed. Its easy to go a bit too 'heavy handed' with plain oil on dry hair, at least for me. I wouldn't want you ending up with greasy ends!

I don't have extensions, and my normal hair does really well with WEN as a cleansing conditioner, you'll have to see if it works for you. What type of hair do you have? Fine? Coarse? Medium? Do you have a lot of it, or not too much? I have fine hair and not a lot of it. Which is why I don't use too much as a leave in.

Until you get the jojoba oil, why not try this and see what happens:

Cleanse with WEN Cleansing Conditioner (CC). Remember to add your splash of water and let it 'bloom' as I call it. :) Once its done and rinsed out, use 1-3 pumps of the CC as a leave in (depending on the quality and quantity of your hair. The more coarse it is, and the more that you have, I recommend trying 2-3 pumps, I use 1/2 to 1 or sometimes none, because I have fine hair and not a lot of it, so I use less depending on my hair condition at that moment and how long I want to wait until it needs to be cleansed again. I cleanse 2-3 times a week.) I put the CC as a leave in, in sopping wet hair, in the shower.

Then I use 1 pump of the styling cream as a leave in. You may want to use 1-3 pumps again depending on your hair type and quantity. Since you have extensions, I'm already thinking you have more hair than me. :) The styling cream is mainly used for protection from heat and heat styling appliances. If you use a ton of heat styling appliances (I don't,) you may want to use more than 1 pump. I put this in sopping wet hair in the shower after the CC is applied. I do not mix the CC and styling cream, I apply to sopping wet hair in two separate steps.

Then I towel dry my hair. Sometimes this is when I add my OJON restorative leave in (you have it in blond.) I use 1 pea sized (really, pea sized,) amount of this after allowing a towel to blot out water. If you have it, I say try it! Try a pea size and see what happens. Need more? Try two pea sized applications, etc. I would try it first WITH the CC as a leave in, and if that seems too heavy, use less CC as a leave in, and try again. I have tried a million combos to 'tweak' what works for me, so keep tweaking.

For example, last night, I used the Ojon restorative treatment, then cleaned with WEN CC, then rinsed as normal, and then I used 1 full pump of the CC and 1 full pump of styling cream as leave ins (I usually don't, but my hair has been especially dry lately,) and nothing else and my hair is SO shiny and full of incredible body today. Its crazy good. I'm thinking I need to do the 'full pumps' more often! :) Still, I mix things up. Don't be afraid of using the CC as a leave in. If you need more moisture, try starting with that and keep it focused on the middle and lower parts of the hair.

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