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Wen Scents?

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I would like to try the TSV, but was wondering what each scent smells like.  Could you ladies please describe the scents so I can make a decision.  If I'm going to use the leave in spray I want it to smell nice!  Thanks ladies!

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Boehm Coll­ector1271423462.2631633 PostsRegistered 11/15/2007

I don't think you should base your decision so much on how the "scents" smell.  The different scents are for different types of hair.  I have color treated, fine, thin, wavy/curly, chin length hair.  The Lavender works best for me.  Sometimes I also use the Cucumber Aloe, or a combination of the Tea Tree (on scalp) and Fig (on ends) just for a change.  Plus I do not notice a huge difference in the smells... some are just a bit stronger than others.  But the scents "disappear" after I rinse and blow dry my hair.

DutchGirl1271425527.81394 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004lost in laundry

The cleansing conditions are scent driven for different types of hair. However, the styling products are all the same (same formula) and their scent is just that ... a scent. So, it really comes down to personal choice, what YOU like.

Personally, I can't stand the Lavender scent because it has a really strong menthol smell. I like Sweet Almond Mint the best. Kiss


lovetosing1271425900.4836153 PostsRegistered 4/3/2006

What is the Fig lke?  Is it the most moisturizing?

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lovetosing1271425902.2676153 PostsRegistered 4/3/2006

double post!

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SassySusie1271426976.71351 PostsRegistered 10/29/2006Charlotte, NC

I would recommend the Lavender.  It is the most pleasing scent; although I really like the sweet almond mint for a shampoo.  Yes Fig is the most moisturizing but I don't really care for the scent that much.


soccermom011271428210.593104 PostsRegistered 7/6/2009

Thanks for your responses ladies!  Can someone describe the sweet almond mint.

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