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Skin Tags and Compound W Update

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Here's the latest update on my skin tags and Compound W.  I used it for 5 days on 2 tags (on neck area) that were bothering me the most. 

It said to warm the area with water for a couple of minutes, then dry and apply.  The first night I put it on it felt fine.

The second application I was getting a pretty red looking irritated circle around the skin tag even though I wasn't extending it out that far.

By the 3rd day it was burning like heck and the reddened area was looking like I was on my way to an infection and started using Neosporin just around the tag.

By the 4th day I actually saw some shrinkage to the tag but because the area was so reddened I couldn't see the color of the tag (which was originally dark)

After the 5th I HAD to stop using it as it was burning more than I could take and I was still being very careful but that surrounding skin was really looking like I might be creating a bad problem for myself like a bad infection.

I think I've quit the Compound W now

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BESwede1270237888.8276218 PostsRegistered 6/4/2007Colorado

I think you're smart to stop using the Compound W.  I've had alot of skin tags (fair skin people are especially prone to them) but just get them removed at the dermatologist to be safe. It's quick, easy, doesn't hurt and is not expensive so well worth it being done in a safe, sanitary manner that doesn't leave scars, risk infection, etc.  Also if any of them look suspicious they can check them out, something you can't determine at home.


46, very fair, blonde, green eyes, cool "summer" coloring. Combination/sensitive skin. Vegetarian


7catsmom1270239018.8971580 PostsRegistered 11/29/2007

Oh, that sounds painful.  I always just snip them off with a little pair of sharp, disinfected cuticle scissors after rubbing the area well with alcohol.  I do my husband's, too.  They usually don't even bleed.  Also, sometimes if you pinch them at the base with your fingernails for a couple of days, they dry up and come off.  But, if you don't feel comfortable doing this, the dermatologist can easily remove them.

msquanna1270242621.3879684 PostsRegistered 10/3/2008

I have not personally tried this, but I have heard covering the skin tag with duct tape for a few days will make it peel right off.

It does seem less painful than the Comp.W.

Mimi 2 Five1270244841.077778 PostsRegistered 1/12/2009

Every several years or so, I'll get skin tags on my neck area.  All I do is take a piece of thread (any color you like...lol), tie it in a tight knot at the base of the skin tag, and in less than a week they fall off.  They won't return in that same spot but may in a different area later on. 

I once had them "burned" off and it left a scar that never tans.  So I opted to look like a dork with threads hanging around my neck as opposed to always having a lightened area where they were removed.

crush1270250804.1972179 PostsRegistered 10/7/2005NC

I read in another thread about using clear fingernail polish.  My husband has gotten the skin tags in the past and did the thread-trick.  But he had two small ones on his neck at the same time I read about the fingernail polish.  So we tried it....just plopped a bit of the polish on each spot and let it dry.  The next morning one of them was completely gone.  The other one took another application the next two nights.  Now it's gone.  My husband said it didn't burn or bother his skin at all.  You can't even tell they were there at all. 

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