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Im used to buy my Ellaria/perlier pruducts from HSN all the time and then found out I could purchase them from TJ Max and sometimes Marhsalls.
Well I went there a few weeks before Christmas to stock up and buy as stocking stufffers but everytime I went they were all sold out. Did anybody else have that problem too? I havent been back to either store yet. Hopefully they stocked up on those products.

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Rowdymom126298897613101 PostsRegistered 6/20/2005SE PA
The TJMaxx that I go to doesn't have nearly the amount of product that they used to. What they do have are older scents and damaged packages.

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njsally781262990314349 PostsRegistered 7/15/2005
Really? Im in NJ and the 2 stores that I go to in --One is a Marshalls and the other is TJ Max...Ive gotten the lavendar, shea, and they have had honey scents and they were never damaged.
I would never buy a damaged product anyway.....but for some reason this year they never had any product there.......

Rowdymom126299048013101 PostsRegistered 6/20/2005SE PA
I go to one in Claymont, Delaware and the Beauty section is the pits. Open packages, torn or empty boxes and most of the bath products are sticky on the outside, some to the point that the print on the price tags has run.. pretty gross:_|
I usually purchase quite a bit for Christmas from TJM.. didn't buy a thing this year, which really hurt my budget because I wound up paying full price elsewhere.

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MandiNee12629910292262 PostsRegistered 7/31/2007
It all depends on the store. Each store has different inventory and time of shipment, but I think they only get certain scents; for example, White Almond, Honey, Lavender, Peony and a few more. The TJ Maxx/Marshalls here in Orlando still have quite full inventory of the E/P products as of last week.

Deeva12629911602231 PostsRegistered 1/8/2005stuck in the middle
I agree with the other posters, you have to check back regularly for new inventory. However, a lot of the Perlier products I see at TJMaxx aren't sealed so I don't buy them anymore.

depglass126299215224999 PostsRegistered 11/14/2006
No manufacturer wants to sell to TJ Maxx. Meaning in a perfect world they would never make too much for projected sales, stores would never return inventory, and store stock wouldn't get dirty or get past the expiration date. Same goes for B. Makowsky and KVZ. It means things haven't gone as well as expected. These are close-out stores and they get their product cheaper than first line retailers. They are not getting the latest up to the second looks and colors. So always look for flaws. Having said that, you can still find great bargains.

jerseygyrl12629925382165 PostsRegistered 11/6/2006
I agree with depglass. They probably anticipated lower sales so they produced less and that's why you're not finding it at Marshall's.

lianne12629927531885 PostsRegistered 12/17/2007
I am in NYC and have many different TJ's and Marshalls stores. I have seen a lot of the Perlier and TONS of Philosophy recently. I got the Phil shower gels (sealed) in Belgian Waffle, Fresh Cream (omg yummy) Blackberry sauce and cherry cola. It definitely depends on the store and the time of day you go. I have my fave stores that usually have the best (or least destroyed) merchandise.

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