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I don't know if any of you ladies saw my other post about the shampoo and conditoner being in stores, but I got a sample of it today. I used them in the shower, and blew my hair out with the leave in. I must say using WEN, S Factor, and any other wonderful name brand, my hair has NEVER been this shiney!!

I am a little suprised that it has sulfates condsidering it is advertised as a color protectant shampoo.

The SA gave me 2 sample packets of each, so I will use the other one too- just to be sure. I think I am going to love it though!

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rebel1269602529.4235634 PostsRegistered 4/27/2007

i have the set too and while i like it, i definately will not repurchase.

 oops sorry, i just realized i have it's a ten or somthing like that.

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LaurieLobby1269610097.58600 PostsRegistered 1/18/2008Baton Rouge

Where did you find this?

cndkrick1269614446.5032654 PostsRegistered 1/21/2009OK

Sally's Beauty Supply

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Be Loving1281481247.907576 PostsRegistered 2/2/2005Sandy, Oregon

I was just at Sally and the just got in this product!! I asked if they had samples and they did not, so I am going to pick it up anyway! Thank you for your input on how this product worked for you!! I am anxious to see how it works with my hair type!! I love trying new things!!! I love the leave in spray conditioner!!! :)

Aragabymimi1281481456.273564 PostsRegistered 2/1/2009Long Beach, NY

The Miracle 7 leave-in mist & the shine spray are also excellent. Neither is heavy nor greasy.

CassieM1281489903.66950 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004
On 3/25/2010 Go Pokes! said:

I am a little suprised that it has sulfates condsidering it is advertised as a color protectant shampoo.

It's a common misconception that sulfates are what fades color. It's actually the total formulation and the pH of the shampoo that will fade color, plus how often the hair is washed. (More frequent washing will fade color faster.) What actually helps color to stay is a gentle formula that's pH balanced. There are harsh shampoos with and without sulfates and there are gentle shampoos with and without sulfates. Think of it like laundry detergents, they all contain similar ingredients, but some will fade clothes and some won't.

Everyone's jumped on the sulfate-free bandwagon, but it's really just a marketing ploy. Not all of the sulfate-free formulas are gentle.

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