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Sunscreen before primer and moisturizer or after?

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I am confused...Gee, that's a shock!!!! Laughing   I use Bobbi Brown stick or sometimes just concealer.  Neither have sunscreen..Should I be applying the sunscreen on bare skin before moisturizers and primer or after the moisturizers and primer?  I don't want to be wasting my time and not getting the protection of the sunscreen..


Thanks ladies... (and gents)

Faith-Anne - 50 dry menopausal skin - cool/fair - blue/green eyes.

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ladyroxanne1268921079.94711022 PostsRegistered 3/25/2008northern ca

moisturizer, sunscreen then primer.  Primer seals everything.

justicemom1268922657.312647 PostsRegistered 10/2/2007Sunny Puerto Rico

You can also use a moisturizer that contains suncreen like Neutrogena Healthy Defense SPF 45.  Primer goes on after all your skin treatments including moisturizer and sunscreen. HTH

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Loves Avon1268923095.517140 PostsRegistered 2/19/2010

Sunscreen is always first, then moisturizer, then primer (if needed)  In the warmer summer months you may want to try a makeup that offers a base and primer in one.  Less on your face is best.  Try Magix by Avon if you are interested in that concept.  Superb coverage, light on the face, leaves a dewy matte finish.

Sunscreen I love is Neutrogena Dry Touch with spf of 45.  Doesn't interfere with my makeup and really works.  Then I use Reversalist Day Cream with spf 25 because its light and does the job.  Then Magix and I'm good for the day.

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Daysdee1268923586.86720297 PostsRegistered 1/23/2007
On 3/18/2010 ladyroxanne said:

moisturizer, sunscreen then primer.  Primer seals everything.

 That is what  I do.  Dr. D. Hydroshield, her daycream (w/sunscreen) then primer.

OCGurl1268928291.657560 PostsRegistered 8/2/2007Palm Desert, CA
On 3/18/2010 ladyroxanne said:

moisturizer, sunscreen then primer.  Primer seals everything.

 This is how I do it if I need a moisturizer, only a few times in the winter

my moisturizer is SPF 50, and sometimes i need more in the winter, but if i used all 3 it would be as LadyRoxanne posted here Kiss

Faith-Anne1268938853.4171220 PostsRegistered 2/25/2005Jersey Shore

thank you ladies...I guess i am going to try the moisturizer then sunscreen and then primer..It needed...It makes me nervous to put the moisturizer on first and then the sunscreen as I (wrongly?) think the moisturizer will "block" the sunscreen from getting onto my facial skin and protecting it?  


I am far from knowledgeable in these matters so I am going to take the suggestion of all of you ladies...


Thank you all...Don't know what I'd do without this BB Smile 

Faith-Anne - 50 dry menopausal skin - cool/fair - blue/green eyes.

free-spirit1268939894.592132 PostsRegistered 11/4/2007New Jersey

This question comes up every year.

I would tell you to search the archives ... but not sure you can.

I believe it depends if the suncreen is physical or chemical.  I book marked this link from an old QVC thread ...






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