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Algenist VS Philosophy

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I have been using Philosophy's Miracle Line since
it came out a while ago.
I have 2 Auto Deliveries which were TSV's, so I did get a great price.
When combined, these 2 A/D's include both the Miracle Pads and the
Moisturizer, which are the two products that I use the most from the 2 kits.

In my October Insider Magazine, I see that Philosophy has a TSV in October
that includes BOTH of these products and also includes a new Miracle Face-Wash.

I will probably get this "New" TSV and cancel the other 2 A/D's that I have to save
some bucks as again, the 2 products that I really like will be in 1 kit, not 2.

Now, here is my problem/decision.......

I see that Philosophy has a new line called Promise, which is for Firming.
I thought I would purchase that and use it in conjunction with the Miracle Line.

I did call Philosophy and I was told that I could, alternating...
One day Miracle, one day Promise......

BUT....Now, I see in the October Insider that Algenist ALSO has a TSV coming up...
2 Ounce Jumbo Serum which on A/D is a SIX month supply......
There is also a sample of their Firming Cream in the Insider which can be used in combination with the serum. I need to try that sample to see if I like it.

Has anyone out there tried both the Algenist Line and the Philosophy Promise
Line that can tell me which line they prefer for FIRMING ???

I am 58, going on 59 and really have no wrinkles to speak of....
No crows-feet....
Just ONE irritating wrinkle between my eyebrows......
BUT....I could use a little firming.....

The reason I like Philosophy's Miracle line is because I feel the Pads do brighten
my skin and the moisturizer , although a cream, is not heavy at all as it is
a gel type cream.

Since I am definitely sticking with Philosophy's Miracle Line......
I cannot decide if I should go with Philosophy's Promise for Firming
Try the Algenist since it will be a TSV...............

Thanks A Bunch !!!!! Kiss

{#emotions_dlg.confused1}PS.....Can anyone tell me WHY ??????.....
Although I am typing line by line, there is a HUMUNGOUS space between
my 1ST and 2ND line ???
This space does NOT appear while I am typing but as soon as I hit the
SUBMIT BUTTON and my post appears, the GIGANTIC space is there !!!,
This space started appearing a couple of months ago and I cannot for the
life of me figure out why !!!{#emotions_dlg.confused1}

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Neytiri1347803631.8971247 PostsRegistered 6/28/2012The Hallelujah Floating Mountains of Pandora

I have used the Algenist serum and I would not rebuy. It was not anything special for me. I have used philosophy creams (WHINE and Miracle worker...can't stand the smelll of HIAJ). I prefer the algenist moisturizing cream to most of the philosophy creams. I still like and use WHINE at night every once and a while. The algenist firming cream is more of a gel consistency. HOWEVER, I have NOT tried the algenist firming cream.

I was probably NO help at all for you!

Jake, Awah has heard you!

chocolatel­ab1347803779.8972877 PostsRegistered 3/4/2010

I haven't used the philosophy product, but I wanted to share my experience with the Algenist firming and lifting cream. I have dry skin that is very sensitive and I also have Rosacea. I picked the sample size because I was up to 100 Sephora points and it was one of the choices. Now I don't know about lifting and firming, but I have seen a huge improvement in my face since I have been using it. My face looks much clearer then it did before and I have noticed a difference in the nose to mouth area.

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