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I ordered the Dalton lipsticks recently and they were too beige - gave me no color. Also, just received Mally Rebel stick Lipsticks which I found to be very drying. I am looking for a moisturizing lipstick in a nice pink or mauve that has some staying power and that isn't thick and goopy and that does not taste bad. I realize that is a lot to ask, but there must be lipsticks out there, that I don't know about, that are like this. I am sure the "Q" women will have suggestions for me...please. Thank you. {#emotions_dlg.confused1}

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irishwoman1345159431.012170 PostsRegistered 3/23/2006

gem lover,have you tried any of bobbie browns lipsticks???

I do like her,s very well,not frosted,or shimmer..love anything rose or mauve color...also revlon makes some nice ones i have heard..i use clinique right now,call beauty..soft rosy/pink...


Harpa1345203048.3638252 PostsRegistered 6/28/2007

BB's are great! I am still enjoying her Anniversary Lip Palette!!! Every color is just so wearable, and they have great staying power, no funky anything!

Oops! I'm not over 60! Anyway, I apply w/ a good lip brush, no bleeding - just about perfect w/ what I expect in a lip product.

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tototwo1345203694.0272861 PostsRegistered 2/8/2008Great Plains

Well, I am over 60 (too far over, actually) and I've worn Revlon Moondrops lipsticks for 40 years. To me, these are moisturizing and there are oodles of colors to choose from that last for hours and hours.

I also love the Clinique chubby sticks -- they're really balmy and moisturizing, but expensive. Revlon makes a "kissable" stick that is a dup to the Clinique, but I don't like any of those colors -- you might.

Also, I like Burt's Bees Shimmer lip balms -- subtle color in a balm.

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author1345204183.564615 PostsRegistered 7/3/2005

I'm 66, Bobbi Brown for me. I used to use mostly Lancome and Clinique, still like Clinique (Raspberry Glace is one that's nice) but BB seems better now for me, moisture, color, lasting, no taste or scent. I recently discovered lipliners by Urban Decay and really love them. Am using Wicked, a soft pink/rose, very pretty even alone with gloss on top. A base of lipliner, and a light coat of moisturizing lipstick, touch of gloss works great for me, no bleeding, and lasts.

Over 65, I think we need some color, not the beige tones, but not dark or too bright. It's tricky!

Got BB Truffle (a rose pink) at the outlet store. It's one of her Metallics (not really metallic at all, but a nice shimmery formula) but there are so many great pink/rose/mauve shades available from this line. I got hooked on them from several of her palettes, and now buy the tubes and pick what I like, but honestly, they've all worked well.

YSL Rouge Pur if you want to splurge. Love these. Sephora has them.

Recently I got #238 in Ulta brand, and have been wearing it daily and love the soft rose. It is very similar to YSL.

AngelPuppy11345204632.969285 PostsRegistered 5/26/2008

I posted a recent topic about how I've had to change my color of lipsticks since I have gotten older (I am 60 also). I know what you are going through! I also have problems with lipsticks bleeding as well. If I use a long-wearing one or a matte one, they have good staying power and do not bleed as much, but then my lips get dry. If I use a moisturizing one, then it does not last and I get the bleeding!

Here are a couple tips that I've recently been doing and for the time being, they've been working pretty well. Instead of purchasing a bunch of new colors, I've been re-purposing the ones I have. I take the stick concealer that I use on my face (the one I use is Cover Girl CG Smoother) and I apply it to my entire lip area and blot it. Then I apply one of the lipsticks which I already have which I previously found to be too dark and/or maybe not the right formula. It lightens the color and causes the color to hold onto the lip area without bleeding all over the place. Then, if this color is to your liking, but doesn't look as shiny and moisturizing, use some clear gloss or balm over the top. These steps seem to give the lip application holding power and add moisture and shine. If I need touch-ups, I just add a little gloss through the day.

As for actual lipsticks, I do well, with Revlon, Cover Girl, and Maybelline. They all have lines in their companies that have more moisturizing ones. If you tend to have problems with dryness, you might want to stay away from mattes, long-wearing and stains, as these are generally more drying.

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Grangie1345204767.337631 PostsRegistered 10/20/2006
I'm 50 but can't wear just any color. It does get tricky! I just bought and love Lipstick Queens Liptropolis collection sold here and other places I'm sure! It's a three peice collection with a rosy/pink nude and a red that is really nice. Not to bold in my opinion! Then the last one is a darker pink but really pretty! They are very moisturizing and feel great on the lips and wear well to!

Grangie1345204923.11631 PostsRegistered 10/20/2006
I forgot to add that I use Mallys lip fence and it's good to control bleeding! It's a clear lip liner that prevents color from traveling! Good luck!

tototwo1345205824.862861 PostsRegistered 2/8/2008Great Plains

Also, another tip -- whatever color lipstick I apply, I then take a slightly lighter color and apply it right in the middle of the lower and upper lips. This gives the illusion that your lips are fuller.

Works for me! Wink

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freckledgy­psy1345217676.8331133 PostsRegistered 11/9/2007New York

I have two favorites (I'm 63) that I've been wearing for years. Laura Mercier Baby Pink which is just a perfect color and creamy but not too creamy (no shimmer) and Laura Mercier Dulche Leche which is more of a natural color (not beigy at all, a tinge more brown but not dark). The Leche is a very similar color to French Fawn which Perscriptives discontinued after I wore it for many years.

When I wear the pink one I use Clarins sheer cream blush in Pink on the apples of my cheeks only. When I wear the Leche I use Revlon Photoplay cream blush in a bit of a peachy color. Under it all I wear Dior BB cream. It all works for me.

gem lover1345310096.96908 PostsRegistered 2/12/2008Florida

I just want to thank you to all you ladies for taking the time and letting me have all your wonderful suggestions. I definitely shall try some of them. Thanks Again... {#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

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