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Do you put your eyeliner on before or after you put on eyeshadow?

Started 1343418045.367 in Beauty Banter | Last reply 1343753208.943 by Margo Channing
I have seen Carmindy fro What Not To Wear always put the eyeshadow on after the eyeliner. If I do it doesn't look like I have any eyeliner on. Am I doing something wrong or do you also put on after eyeshadow. Thanks.

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Tassie1343418787.67430 PostsRegistered 9/11/2007Florida

I always put my eyeliner on before my shadow. I try not to brush it over the liner.

wsmom1343418917.261746 PostsRegistered 3/4/2007

I put it on after the eyeshadow.

wdeerest1343419304.96981 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Before if it's a close match to the shadow. After if the liner has any luminescence to it.

littleminx1343419817.65202 PostsRegistered 12/1/2007

I actually apply it first, then use the eyeshadow to soften or correct any heavy handedness. Looks more natural and can always be slightly retouched. However if using an intensely vivid color eyeliner, I would sure practice application so as not to look too odd.

FUTURE1343419966.712801 PostsRegistered 5/18/2008
After. It looks weird on me if I do it before.

tototwo1343420542.662858 PostsRegistered 2/8/2008Great Plains

I don't think there's a right or wrong way to do it. I apply eyeliner first - then first coat of mascara, then eyebrown pencil, then shadow, then 2nd coat of mascara. Done!

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lobstergal1343421051.053811 PostsRegistered 12/3/2010

I apply primer, shadow, liner, mascara - in that order. But there are no "rules" so do what works best for you.

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CANDLEQUEEN1343421467.489802 PostsRegistered 12/23/2004Wisconsin
On 7/27/2012 lobstergal said:

I apply primer, shadow, liner, mascara - in that order. But there are no "rules" so do what works best for you.

Thats exactly the way I do it too!!!!

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LuvsLabs1343421529.0272227 PostsRegistered 7/2/2012

I put liner on after shadow otherwise the shadow would cover up the liner.

NuTeacher1343421844.472350 PostsRegistered 7/1/2010
I apply liner after shadow. I also apply lip liner after my lipstick. Just the way I roll...

Alpha1343421875.771936 PostsRegistered 8/26/2007
Wow! I'm really surprised anyone puts shadow on after liner! Never even thought of it. Why would you?

gatorgal251343422875.5333036 PostsRegistered 6/3/2007

I do now. I used to put shadow then liner, but my liner traveled terribly no matter what brand I used. So, now I do the liner, then the shadow and it kind of sets it I guess. Heard this tip most recently on the southern channel when Stacey from YBF was on.

fromthebro­nx1343423101.3071127 PostsRegistered 2/22/2011

I put liner on after shadow. I would just smudge the heck out of the liner if I tried to put shadow on after liner. I do primer, shadow, liner, and mascara in that order, too.

GmaHoney1343423116.86772 PostsRegistered 3/28/2012

I put liner on first, then shadow. If I do it the other way it seems like my liner doesn't stick as well. I'm just careful not to go over the liner with my shadow.

glmama1343441959.13321053 PostsRegistered 12/8/2006
After. Unless I use a liner and then realize that it looks too harsh and then I'll swipe a bit of ES over the line to soften it..

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lovesrecess1343442074.13314652 PostsRegistered 7/14/2008Texas

eyeliner and mascara are the last things I put on.....otherwise the eyeliner gets shadow on it and it looks weird

colson1343442240.5177442 PostsRegistered 10/23/2007East Coast
depends. If I am using a base lid shade that goes first then eyeliner then crease color. You have to have the eyeliner on first to judge how to blend in the crease color right.

JeanLouise­Finch1343442306.9212960 PostsRegistered 10/3/2011

eyeshadow base/primer, shadow, liner, mascara....been doing it that way since I started wearing makeup...and that was a long time ago.

baby burns1343442418.1678793 PostsRegistered 12/9/2007

i put foundation on first, then eye brows, then shadow, then liner. have done it the same way all my life.

luvmyteddy1343442494.2179506 PostsRegistered 9/4/2010Royals/Chiefs
On 7/27/2012 GmaHoney said:

I put liner on first, then shadow. If I do it the other way it seems like my liner doesn't stick as well. I'm just careful not to go over the liner with my shadow.

Me too. I even use the BE loose shadows and don't get any on my liner. I set everything with the LG bnb over the lids and eyebrows.

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deja vu1343442627.8476268 PostsRegistered 7/9/2007East Coast

I put my eyeliner on after the eyeshadow, works best for me that way.

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Grade1Teach1343442765.48710350 PostsRegistered 12/2/2007Long Island

I always put my liner on after my shadow.

silverdrake1343443619.137223 PostsRegistered 7/23/2012

I put my eye liner on after the shadow.

I also use waterproof eyeliner,

and I have never had a problem with it smudging, smearing or 'running'....

dsky1343444599.531102 PostsRegistered 1/3/2009

After the eyeshadow I put on the eyeliner. I keep on reapplying it all day whenever I touch up my lipstick as I feel it just disappears. It must be dark black or I don't look rested. I love the Tarte clay eyeliner for the top.

colliegirls1343445007.778855 PostsRegistered 5/13/2012

I always put the eyeliner on after the shadow.

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