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What Can I use on Surgery Scar ??

Started 1261975117 in Beauty Banter | Last reply 1262043077 by KatherineW
Had my rotator cuff repaired Dec 2 and I have a 5 inch scar on my shoulder. It is so tight feeling and super sensitive.
Any recs for something to help it heal as best/soon as possible?

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VelvetBlack12619752933210 PostsRegistered 10/19/2007Queens, NY
When my son was little he had to get stitches near his eye, and the surgeon recommended Mederma. It's over the counter, but it is supposed to help scars heal and be less noticeable. He only had a small scar, so I don't know how it would do for a larger scar. HTH.

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rainbow bi­rd12619753751658 PostsRegistered 3/23/2008
I used an emu oil and shea lotion on my scar on my hand and it disappeared. It was a raised, rough, reddish scar. All that is left is a slight pink spot. I get it on bathandbodybytracy.com. Her emu oil and shea lotion is my holy grail lotion. I love it.

note2baby12619757712589 PostsRegistered 1/23/2007Northern CA.
Dermatoligist told me its the massaging the scar that helps it more than the kind of oil you use. I used Bio-oil that I got from CVS and it did a lot better than the sample he gave me of Mederma.

ittyreen1261976197697 PostsRegistered 11/30/2005
My surgeon told me to use cocoa butter on my surgical scar
to keep the tissue soft. It did heal nicely.

AC MDX12619762901551 PostsRegistered 11/17/2005
I used Mederma didn't do a thing! Cocoa Butter helped me the most.
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beach-mom126197734310547 PostsRegistered 8/1/2007Mid-Atlantic
Vitamin E cream. My mom used it when she had shingles on her forehead on advice from her doctor. I used it with every one of my pregnancies on stretch marks, and I've used it ever since on every scrape, scar from surgery, or anything else that might impact the skin. It always works. :-)

DoubleDog21261977514434 PostsRegistered 6/12/2009Mid-Missouri
After removing a sizable lump from my face the derm told me to use vaseline to help reduce the scaring and keep it soft. He said not to let it dry out - worked for me.
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Ceci1261980009472 PostsRegistered 12/27/2006Sarasota, Florida
I read Copper is good for scars.


sheltielvr1261981276628 PostsRegistered 6/26/2005

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Chiarina1261982458868 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004
A copper peptide serum or cream underneath a layer of straight oil or an oil-based moisturizer. Not everyone can tolerate strong peptide products at first, so it's best to start with a very tiny amount and work your way up.

Katmary12619899591724 PostsRegistered 4/24/2006
Carol's Daughter has a scar cream with a few butters (think cocoa and shea). No clue if it works, but it would help to soften the skin up.
I also heard Vitamin E for my first back surgery. I thought of using something for my last one, but decided to just let it be as recovery was very tough. I have heard that a gentle massaging around the scar area can help with tightness, but I'd wait until the cut has completely healed.

ok212620050984688 PostsRegistered 7/13/2007
I had my gall bladder removed, back in the 70's, when it was major surgery. I used Vit E oil on that 7 inch scar, twice a day, and just massaged it in. It really did help. I still have a scar, but it is very faint.
My derm surgeon used a series of Fraxel lasering on my facial scarring from mohs surgery. Almost invisible now. I also used Bio-oil from the drugstore every night, and just massaged it in.
As far as that area being super sensitive, my gb scar was that way for years! The area where I had surgery on my face is still sensitive, and it's been a little over a year.
It is the massaging, that gives the most benefit.

moosesgal1262005468383 PostsRegistered 4/9/2005Southwest Virginia
Cocoa butter works great and I recommend it to patients. Also, be sure and start massaging the scar to desensitize it and so that it will not adhere down. When scar tissue heals it does not heal in nice even lines, it heals in all different directions. Massage the scar with pretty good pressure in circles, x pattern, and across a couple of times a day. HTH!

Kathlen126201643114896 PostsRegistered 8/7/2006East Side, West Side, All Around The Town ... London Bridge is Falling Down
I'm surprised your surgeon or physical therapist didn't speak to you about that - scar management.
You should definitely speak to the doctor about it.
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andeshan12620183892184 PostsRegistered 5/11/2007OR
I am using Maderma for my scar on my forehead. It's the one with SPF 30. I also think vitamin E oil can be helpful, but my doctor focused on using sunscreen, mainly b/c it is on my forehead with more sun exposure.

JYWilliams12620221953178 PostsRegistered 10/7/2009Kentucky "The Blue Grass State"
I used Cocoa butter on my scar and it helped.

goldenretr­iever12620224456130 PostsRegistered 10/21/2006At the lake...in the water...chasing birds...
A GREAT repair cream is made by M'Lis (I buy it at Stuff4MyHealth dot com because they have free shipping).
Here's what the info says;
M'LIS REPAIR - Tissue Repair Cream 2 oz. jar
$33.00 with free shipping
Helps with stretch marks, cuts, sores, burns, abrasions, scars, rashes, sunburn, and other damaged skin conditions.
The M'lis Tissue Repair cream was originally formulated to minimize scar tissue formation following both regular and plastic surgery. It has advanced to the point that it can help reverse the scarring process and actually diminish most types of newly formed scar tissue, as well as damaged or dry skin tissue.

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KatherineW126204307728130 PostsRegistered 3/16/2009Alabamian by Birth; Southern By The Grace of God
I have a scar on my forehead that I tried Mederma on, but the scar is slightly sunken and the bottle said Mederma will not work for non-raised scars.
The shoulder scar is going to be slightly raised so at least I have some options!I had therapy today and therapist recommended emu oil or vitamin E oil, too.

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