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New BB creams found in Rite aid!

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I went to Rite aid and found some new BB creams. first one that I saw had testers- Maybelline Dream fresh BB cream - tried 2 colors of tester - light and medium - both very sheer and light in consistency - did not like, with no coverage - I have light skin. This was 11 dollars, one ounce size. I also found BB cream in one ounce size, by Loreal - but no testers - price was $13. Another one by Loreal was called Youth Code BB cream - 2.5 ounce size - price was $18.49 - did not buy since not on sale. This one looks nice - maybe will try this one when it is on sale. This one has light & medium shades, but no testers. I do have the Garnier one BB cream - I like that one and bought that one on sale- been wearing this one for a few months.

I did purchase new Maybelline limited Edition eyeshadow Luminous lights quads- called Opal Lights and Rose lights - regular size quads. these were buy one get one 50 percent off, I also had 2 dollar coupon. These colors look very pretty and nice to brighten eyes, esp for summer.

Also love the new Nivea natural volume lip care lip gloss/balm - light sheer pink color - lasts long. Hope this helps, beauties. {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

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BarkLessWa­gMore1340642015.35145 PostsRegistered 6/4/2010

I haven't heard great things about any of these BB creams. I love the idea of them but I think I'll wait until they perfect them and offer more shades. The Loreal one received a decent review but if I'm remembering correctly it doesn't have any sunscreen which is kind of silly for a 10 in 1 product.

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