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Help! My Clarisonic stopped working!

Started 1337597565.5 in Beauty Banter | Last reply 1340331114.98 by icezeus

I've had the Clarisonic Mia for about 2 1/2 years and never had a problem with it. Yesterday, it beeped 4 times while using it and stopped working! It was not due for a charge, so that surprised me. I plugged it in to charge, and it would not charge. I let it sit all day, then tried again. It would charge for about 30 seconds, and then quit. Banging it with my hand would let it begin to charge again, but only for about 30 seconds. Now it won't do a thing! I can't find my manual, and I LOVE my Clarisonic and use it every day! I wonder if anyone else has had this problem and will help me out.

Thank you!!!

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Beauty$Jun­kie1337598930.4853 PostsRegistered 12/27/2008

I would contact their c/s and see what they say. Other posters have had good luck with them. You aren't out anything by contacting them. You don't have a working unit now. Good luck. I'm sure the outcome would be info all of us would appreciate knowing. Thanks.

robomo1337600744.3479515 PostsRegistered 3/15/2005

If it were me, I'd toss it and if I wanted another one, I'd buy the Skinn one from SNBC. I'm not all that enamored with my Clarisonic.

Beautybyte­sbyCC1337600954.6772464 PostsRegistered 11/21/2011
Def call them! My orig version had a 5 yr warranty.

tsavorite1337603052.3034813 PostsRegistered 10/10/2005

Hello Woodstock....I own the original in white....could never tolerate it on my hyper sensitive skin....I have rosacea and it simply makes it worse. I would LOVE to sell...I have several brand new brush heads for it also. Let me know if you are interested or for that matter if anyone else is...I feel awful that I own this and can't use it. I would sell it for a GREAT deal.

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MarLo1337619313.41599 PostsRegistered 1/19/2012


Following are the warranty terms for each Clarisonic model:

  • Clarisonic Mia®: 1 year
  • Clarisonic Mia 2: 2 years
  • Clarisonic Classic: 2 years
  • Clarisonic PLUS: 2 years
  • Clarisonic PRO: 3 years for PRO models manufactured after January 2010. 2 years for PRO models manufactured before January 2010.
  • Clarisonic Opal™: 2 years

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Clarisonic Customer Care: 1-888-5-CLARISONIC (1-888-525-2747).

Blondelle1337623216.3734337 PostsRegistered 8/4/2007

I've seen the units selling for about $40 without the charger on Ebay. If the charger still works you can just replace just the unit itself. I would bring it into a store that sells them and try it with their charger. Maybe it's the charger that's defective and you can get one of those on ebay too.

JOU2JOU1337626119.623649 PostsRegistered 6/8/2011

It could be the battery. Just like cell phone batteries, the Ion batteries are not meant to last more than 2-5 yrs. Just a thought.

Curly Q1337628256.99239 PostsRegistered 12/5/2006

I would definitely call them and ask about your warranty. I had my Clarisonic for probably 3 or 4 years. A few months ago I dropped it in the shower and it stopped working. I called CS and although it was out of warranty, they let me replace it for $100 without the charger. I have a "Pro" model, which would have been well over $200 to replace. So even if you are out of warranty you may be able to buy another Mia for a fair price or they may just send you another one. I was going to replace mine through eBay, but I figured that for a little bit more money it was better just buy directly from Clarisonic.

morganjen1337628681.652800 PostsRegistered 11/25/2004

Mine died on me too. I called CS, but all they could offer was a warrenty that was the same price as it would have been to purchase a new one. I ended up tossing my broken one and getting a new one from another source.

Woodstock1337635405.997 PostsRegistered 8/17/2011

Thanks, everyone! My husband asked me this morning what I was going to do...and I said I would ask the ladies!!! I knew I would get good advice here.

I believe my charger is working because it will charge for a few seconds, and when I push the button on the unit itself, it won't work.

I never thought about looking on ebay...and I usually look there when I don't know where else to look. So, yes, tsavorite I might be interested in a deal. My sister also had problems using hers and her dermatologist told her to stop using it.

Since mine is over 2 years old, I am sure it is out of warranty. And I believe I paid $119 for it as a TSV. I really don't want to spend that all over again!

jcxxll931338963716.431 PostsRegistered 6/6/2012

Mine stopped working too. When I went to charge it thinking it was out of battery, nothing would happen at first then it started to vibrate (with the light off) and finally the light went on. However, usually it would take my Clarisonic to charge an entire night and day to get it to fully charged, this time it stated that it was fully charged after only 4 hours of charging. Then it would only work on the day I "charged" it. I would sort of describe the charger acts like those electric shock therapy machine in the hospital. The patient came to life when the machine hits his/her body, but the patient goes back to unconscious after the machine left his/her body. Anyway, in the end it just completely gave up on me (even charging it doesn't help). The online lady says it was a battery issue and cannot be fixed, and she told me to call the customer service. I got my replacement four days ago (it is still under warranty). I guess that is what happened to yours too.

tamilynn31­6 )1340319715.2071 PostsRegistered 6/21/2012
Please contact me about ur clarisonic my address is tamilynn316 at gmail dot com thanks
On 5/21/2012 tsavorite said:

Hello Woodstock....I own the original in white....could never tolerate it on my hyper sensitive skin....I have rosacea and it simply makes it worse. I would LOVE to sell...I have several brand new brush heads for it also. Let me know if you are interested or for that matter if anyone else is...I feel awful that I own this and can't use it. I would sell it for a GREAT deal.

Shopping G­aGa1340325292.883341 PostsRegistered 2/10/2010

When my out of warranty clarisonic broke, I called CS just to see if the unit could be repaired. They replaced the unit, charger, and gave me a replacement brush! They are great!

Call them. You have nothing to lose.

Papillon M­om1340326251.2331593 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

If you have used it every day for two and a half years, that's seems pretty good. Maybe I am wrong. I would check the battery. If that's okay, I would purchase another one asap. It would be hard to be without if you love it!

Good luck!Smile

sudsgirl1340328882.027542 PostsRegistered 6/13/2012
Mine did the exact same thing. Beeping then no charge. Unfortunately it's in the garbage.

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baby burns1340329878.118793 PostsRegistered 12/9/2007

you can try, but i think after two and half years, everyday, its time would be up. i hope they can help you, be really nice and sweet!

icezeus1340331114.9774963 PostsRegistered 10/30/2010Southern California

I agree with the other callers about contacting customer service. Everyone is right by saying that you have nothing to loose. If that call is not successful I would find a way to replace my unit. I happen to love mine. I am just about at the 2 year mark on my Clarisonic Mia.

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