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What is better Oil of Olay Regenerist or Loreal Revitalift?

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I found out that Lancome and Loreal are the same company. I used to purchase expensive Lancome anti wrinkle creams, but switched to Loreal when I found out from the Lancome sales-person that Loreal are about the same. I have been happy with Loreal, but wonder if Oil or Olay is even better. Personally my face looks super young, but I have neck problems. I realize that there is no magic potion, (maybe if I was not so afraid of pain I would think about a neck lift...any of you done that? )

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kactisflow­er1335548603.94197 PostsRegistered 6/14/2006southwestern Utah

I have been useing the Loreal Double Lift, both the face and eye. The Olay seemed to break me out so I used it up on my hands. I really like the Loreal and no problems with breakouts.

Ladyjenn1335549073.042345 PostsRegistered 10/27/2010Northern CA

I use Regenerist serum every day under my makeup as my primer. I love the way my make up looks with it.

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Beautybyte­sbyCC1335549604.632464 PostsRegistered 11/21/2011
I use regenerist sculpting serum, night serum and micro peel and like them all w my philosophy products. Ive only used LOreals youth cose eye cream and absolutely hated it. It totally dried out my eye area which I really did not have issues with prior to use. I ended up using on my hands but it dried them out too.

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