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Sephora sun kit

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Anybody get their kit? I got mine today. Love it! Yes, small samples. However, I'm excited to wear sun screen because there are so many samples to try, and it was for a great cause.

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Jennifera1334887682.82876 PostsRegistered 7/1/2011

Yes!! I love the ST. TROPEZ gradual tan everyday body moisturizer, but the color is instant and I thought it would be gradual or I would have not put a sufficient amount on! I really love the Origins VitaZing SPF 15 Sheer tint release and Dr Jart+ Beauty Balm. Oh! I also love Kate Somerville Self Tanning 360 face! I got two of the kits and I am so happy I did I will bring one with me on my cruise in the summer.

kay201334888728.781049 PostsRegistered 1/24/2008Texas

I just got mine today and I really like it. There are a few things in the kit that I've been wanting to try and some things that I've already tried and like. I usually pick one up every year and I think this is the best one yet.

_claudiaan­ne_1334888954.1032058 PostsRegistered 4/12/2012

I received my 2 kits and I really like them. The case is cute too.

springers1335031787.0576919 PostsRegistered 8/27/2008so cal

I like my kit, it is great to try difft sunscreens, bb cream, faux tan (never tried either), but I was expecting bigger sizes. Most are around .33 and I was expecting .50 but for $30 dollars, same price as one good sunscreen it is worth and fun to try. Thanks for sharing, I wouldnt have known about it.

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kitty4me1335032390.5973304 PostsRegistered 8/30/2008Texas

I'm waiting on mine since I ordered it Thursday and will purchase another when it comes to my Sephora.

lilgreeney­es1335032728.453671 PostsRegistered 4/8/2011

I got mine and it is a great deal, especially with the little train case! I may order another for my mom, but better do it quck, they sell out pretty fast every year! Ladies, this is a super value and all proceeds go directly towards cancer research! A fantastic deal and an even better cause! Please consider buying this, for your skins sake and to help the cause!

firstclass­intl1335034413.9973006 PostsRegistered 1/15/2006

Love the kit. I got two. The case is cute/cheesy - no idea how to reuse it. Totally random.

While I think this was a good deal at $30, the suggested retail of $190 or something like that is a total joke.

Zcat1335035610.8872700 PostsRegistered 2/3/2010Florida

I got mine, and I love it. I already use the Fresh sugar lip spf, the mineral veil and the Boscia. I'm looking forward to trying the PTR and St Tropez. I'll probably keep the Shiseido, Hope in a Jar and some of the others in my bag. I like the convenience of having the small containers for touching up my sunscreen on the backs of my hands.

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